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vacuum forming


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[url=http://build-stuff.com/001book_vacuum_forming.htm]Facuum forming for the hobbyist[/url]

This unit was built from a diagram in the book vacuum forming for the hobbyist by a good friend of mine Bill Sinnott. He past away last year so this one is very special to me.click on the link in red to buy the book.

Posted by Billy D. Fuller on Sat Sep 3 08:51:51 2011


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I am pretty sure they built it themselves. See if you can find the book shown in the photo or do a Google search on the subject. There are quite a few videos and articles out there that explain how too make one. Many use an old vacuum cleaner and hair...

Posted by Shawn Sorrell on Sat Sep 3 08:37:12 2011

Vacuume Forming

Where Did you get this from?

Posted by andruppets on Thu Sep 1 16:05:33 2011

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