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Title: School of Puppetry has new owner
Post by: Na on June 18, 2015, 08:57:04 am
I thought I'd post an announcement here in case people visit the schoolofpuppetry.com website and are confused because it no longer shows what it used to.

More info is here:
http://naomiguss.com/blog.php/school-of-puppetry-change-of (http://naomiguss.com/blog.php/school-of-puppetry-change-of)

But the short of it is that I have passed ownership of the domain names to another Australian puppetry company and no longer run the site or its content.

At this stage I don't know what's happening with the content that I did have on the site, and if it will be republished, how much of it will be republished, etc. If it doesn't get republished there and particularly requested by other puppeteers I may consider posting it myself to an unmonitored Blogger account.

If any past customer needs to get in contact with me, they still can via my 'hub' site linked in my signature.

(Shawn, if you see this, can you please remove the SOP link from the P&S home page? Thanks!)