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Help with wood/wire assembly  (Read 2291 times)
Angel in Tx
« on: September 29, 2010, 06:05:41 am »

I hope I can explain this well enough because I don't have a picture.  I am trying to connect a stiff wire into a dowel in a perpendicular manner, not like the usual arm rod technique where you put it in the end.  I have drilled a hole in the dowel, and used some e-600 glue but it still has give.  I do not want any wiggling at all.  I think one problem is I don't have the right size drill bit one is too small, the other a little too large.  Is there any other way to attach these?  I am not good with the mechanics/wood working part.  Give me fabric! LOL

When I am done there will be two wires and one dowel rod handle and it is basically a "u" shape.  I am using it to attach to a small puppet with feet so that the puppeteer can work both legs with one hand.

Does this make sense? 

For any of you familiar with the Stretch-A-Belly from onewaystreet - this is the type of control bar I am trying to make.
Shawn Sorrell
« Reply #1 on: September 29, 2010, 06:08:30 pm »

Let the wire come all the way through the hole in the dowel with about a 1/2" to an 1" and then bend it over in an L shape.  Then you can wrap and glue the small of the L against the dowel. That well give you a solid connection that should not have too much wiggle.  Something I also often do is use a bit that is just a bit smaller then the wire then kind of wiggle it about in the hole to make it a bit bigger so the wire well fit snugly.  Does that make sense? I can't think of a better way to explain.
Angel in Tx
« Reply #2 on: September 29, 2010, 07:33:05 pm »

Yes, it makes sense.  I really think I need to get another sized drill bit.  We have them all over the place you know, but I can't seem to find the right size.   I will try your advice.

Shawn Sorrell
« Reply #3 on: September 30, 2010, 05:25:15 am »

I don't know the process you use for drilling the holes in your dowels, but a good idea when doing this is to place the dowel in a table vise while you drill the hole.  This can help keeping you from missing the mark or accidentally damaging the dowel or yourself. Smiley  Another great way to do it is to use a drill press. You can just hold the dowel in your hand but be careful since it is pretty easy for it to rotate or for the bit to slip off the dowel. 
Angel in Tx
« Reply #4 on: September 30, 2010, 05:36:32 pm »

well, I have been holding it in my hands. Not safe I know.  My husband had a vice grip but it got stolen with some of his tools.  Angry  We should probably get another one.  I think i need to start checking Craig's List to replace his stolen tools.
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