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Hey everyone,

Just wondering - what is a good hair stiffener.  I want to set a couple of hair styles on a couple of puppets.  Will hairspray work?  Any other suggestions?  Spray adhesive?  I'd think that would be too sticky. 

Any help here would be appreciated.

Billy D. Fuller:
Hair spray,gels,paste, or hair shellac are possibilities. I heard of folks using fabric stiffener and liquid starch. It all depends on the look you are going for and remember a little goes a long way. You don't want a stiff matted mess.]url]


Shawn Sorrell:
Personally I think you should stick with normal hair products like Hairspray. I've tried using other products like shellacs or paste but what happens that even with them over time the style breaks down some and get's messy.  Then you are left with no way to re-style it and set it again.  With things like hairspray you can brush or comb it out and get the style back the way you want it.  Oh also here is a tip. Once you have added hairspray to a wig you can reactivate it with water or alcohol. Alcohol works best really but can dry out real hair if done often. Get a spray bottle and put the water or alcohol in it the give the wig a fine mist once you have it set again.

Thanks everyone.  I ended up using Alberto Mega Hold hair spray.  Worked great!  And smells nice too.  Reminds me of my headbanger days in the late 1980s. - back when I used hairspray.  And had hair. 

Aussie Freeze is my choice. Purple can on the hairspray aisle. Just be sure you have it like you want it before you spray, because it really sets it.


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