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PUPPETEERS WANTED: Puppet Ministry tour.  (Read 978 times)
« on: June 12, 2019, 06:58:43 pm »

My name is Harley Ludy, a director of the Nimrod Puppetry Group, sponsored by Zion's Evangelical Lutheran Church in Shoemakersville, Pennsylvania (Berks County). A co-director and I are currently writing a show and plan to execute it within the next month, when we realized we were struggling to find puppeteers. We have two sets, one sacred and one that's a fairy-tale themed show. The plans are to have a puppet boot camp this Friday (which I know anybody I find on this website doesn't need that), and then next week we will start our rehearsal process, which would be every Monday and Friday in the evening, rehearsal times pending. This is to prepare for our shows, which would be every Sunday and Thursday (minus the 4th of July) in July. Every Sunday would be a church puppet show, where we would perform our sacred show, then after the service perform our fairy-tale themed show. Puppeteers should be experienced in live-hands, double rodding, single rodding, and right-handing, as well as performing fun, interesting voices. There is also a plan to include a stipend, seeing how much money we make. The plan is to charge churches a 150 dollar fee, and then charge entry for everybody for the fairy tale gig. 5 dollars for each individual, kids under 3 get in free. If interested, please email me at harleyeludy@gmail.com I am interested in finding two more puppeteers and a sound guy.
Thanks a bunch!
Harley Ludy
« Reply #1 on: June 13, 2019, 08:51:05 pm »

Good luck. I know how difficult it can be to find people. Definitely want to start a training program to bring up the puppeteers instead of hunting them down. With the churches you might think about doing cost of transportation plus love offering instead of a flat fee. More often than not, you will earn more through love offering than you will with a flat fee, depending on the churches of course.
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