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Marionettes in the street Replies 3

Posted by Na on Jul 24, 2012

Just found this via Twitter and had to share: fantastic examples of marionettes used in…

They have finally released it..... Replies 2

Posted by StiqPuppet Productions on Jul 11, 2012

FYI if  you have NetFlix they just released all the 9 TV episodes of the Jim Henson's The Storyteller...enjoy! StiqPuppets

National Puppetry Summit... blogging the activities Replies 26

Posted by Na on Jul 06, 2012

Just completed my first day at the puppetry summit here in Melbourne... Thought people might be interested in some of the thoughts and workshop…

Mouse Marionette Replies 4

Posted by Danny Lions on Jun 24, 2012

Mouse Marionette I found this video the other day, it's pretty blurry but I thought you guys may enjoy it as much as I did. he's such a charming character, especially since rats are one of my…

Help with idea Replies 12

Posted by melaine9 on Jun 22, 2012

I need help . I am trying to figure out a way to make goat feet for a Pan charecter .If anyone has an idea on how I may accomplish this it would be greatly appreciated.

Paul Mesner Puppets looking for female puppeteer - Pupcrit job listing Replies 2

Posted by Lola on Jun 20, 2012

Just thought I would pass this along, since I know some people don't subscribe. It seems like the company is in Kansas, MO. Hope this helps someone. Paul Mesner Puppets, Inc. is looking for a…

Puppet Friendly Bloggers Wanted Replies 8

Posted by Hupdaditty on Jun 15, 2012

Hello:I will be conducting a blog tour in September to herald the launch of Hupdaditty, my new on-line project. I am looking for people who have puppet or arts related blogs who would like to host a…

Eye pupils? Replies 11

Posted by melaine9 on Jun 13, 2012

What does every one use for eye pupils? Do you paint them?

Constantly running out of computer space any advice? Replies 3

Posted by The Director on Jun 13, 2012

  I use a 24 inch screen Mac computer for all my video editing, music composing, and everything else.  Now with everything in beautiful HD, space is tough to keep.  I keep throwing…

Nina Conti Replies 2

Posted by Shawn on Jun 11, 2012

This is another find from FB. Steve Axtell posted it but I wanted to make sure our none FB members got to see it.I really like this piece. It is so simple and tender. You can read more about this show…

Shadow puppet portable stage Replies 5

Posted by titere on Jun 11, 2012

Hi all!  It has been a time!I am planning a workshop for small children on shadow puppets. At the end of the workshop, we should perform with the puppets they make. Our public is not big, so I…

Handy websites for puppeteers Replies 8

Posted by Na on Jun 08, 2012

I made a list here; includes lots of measurements/other converters and calculators; a website that helps you…

Advice for shooting video of puppets Replies 11

Posted by Hupdaditty on Jun 06, 2012

Hello:I'm looking on some advice on video taping puppets for my online puppet satire Does anyone have any tips or articles they could share? I've been doing some video…

Harry Knowles and Carol Spinney Replies 0

Posted by Shawn on Jun 03, 2012

I feel a bit like I am stealing Andrews thunder and I try not to do this but this was just too good. Andrew posted this over on YouTube on his Puppet Vision page.…

Inner and outer circumfrence Replies 83

Posted by Shawn on Jun 03, 2012

Ok first a bit of the back story for this question. I am working on makeing a mascot head for a friends school. Normally I would just free form this out of foam but I wanted to play with modeling the…

Frankenstein Puppet Play and Short Film Replies 13

Posted by DrPuppet on Jun 02, 2012

Hello my friends im sorry Ive been absent for so long. First let me say that Becki is doing very well and although she unfortunately lost her ovaries to radiation and chemo she is managing. Thus far…

Puppetry Exercises Replies 13

Posted by squirrely on May 31, 2012

Could any one give me some Puppet Exercises?  I've done many lip-syncing with my puppets with songs and counting to 100.  The counting I saw on youtube-Jim Henson Workshop - Muppets…

Tips for a begining puppeteer Replies 22

Posted by oneupgamer on May 29, 2012

Hello I'm very new to the world of puppetry but I've always loved it in TV shows film and stage production and after a recent use of it in my drama class i can't lie I'm now hooked on…

How the Monty Python animations were done Replies 1

Posted by Na on May 24, 2012

Anyone with some knowledge of stop motion might be able to figure it out, but it's interesting anyway. (Might not be safe for work and/or kids)

I just saw WAR HORSE Replies 11

Posted by kyledixondesigns on May 23, 2012

Hey everyone!  I just wanted to take a moment now that I'm home from the theatre to talk about War Horse at Lincoln Center here in NYC.  My guess is that most of you have seen the…

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