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Has anyone used the McCall's Sesame St. Patterns? Replies 12

Posted by vanilla on Feb 07, 2010

I have both of these patterns, from McCall's Patterns, and wondered if anyone here has ever made em

help with new show Replies 4

Posted by jovack on Feb 07, 2010

hello all i have been asked over the last 2 weeks, by alot of people if i do puppet shows and before now i have said no and told them i only make puppets but now i want to do a show..... this will be…

Need help with background scenery for puppets in a car Replies 10

Posted by baer77 on Feb 02, 2010

Hi everyone!  I'm new here and let me say how happy I am that I found this amazing forum!  You are all so ridiculously talented!!!  I am GREEN when it comes to puppets!  I have…

Help - Deciding what eyes to put in... Replies 33

Posted by vanilla on Feb 02, 2010

I am building my first puppet! (yay me!)I have the head done, and ready for eyes and hair.. I have the hair decided on, I just need some help choosing eyes.. I have a few kinds here, but I'm not…

what is the big different in patterns from project puppet Replies 10

Posted by gompie on Jan 27, 2010

Can  somebody explain what the difference is between the simple series and the forma series. In the little pictures the look the same when I look to the shape. I decided that I am going to buy…

did I saw it wrong by playsoup ? Replies 11

Posted by gompie on Jan 25, 2010

I thought I saw puppetpattern by play soup I really love the puppets but I can find them or order the patternThe puppet of jomama is from that pattern…

Prop - microphone Replies 23

Posted by dacostasr on Jan 24, 2010

My wife says I have too much time on my hands... I'm making a microphone..old news type...for my video.  Here are some construction pictures.Later,Dennis

out of curiousity what got you started in the puppet art form? Replies 18

Posted by Bludolphdolph on Jan 18, 2010

what got you started? who was your inspiration ? what is your goal ? I got started making puppets after years of making monsters after I got saved. I made my first puppet "Johny Reb" to…

How to make a puppet stand Replies 10

Posted by Na on Jan 18, 2010

For anyone interested in building their own puppet stand in 10 minutes out of balsa wood and foam core... This is a stand that can be used for muppet-types, shadow or rod puppets, sock puppets, all…

Wolf Pattern Replies 5

Posted by SHould on Jan 16, 2010

Hello to all my great fellow puppeteers,I would like to know if somebody out there would be willling to share a wolf pattern? I have had the request from a very good friend and I would love to make…

Anno's new clothes Replies 4

Posted by Abdolos on Jan 16, 2010

OK, I think I've figured out how to post images here now, so that's what I'm going to try and do.My plans to produce a show for the 2010 Winnipeg Fringe festival fell through recently, so…

I'm back...and with a new puppet! Replies 30

Posted by DrPuppet on Jan 15, 2010

Hi everyone I have been directing a stage play Called "Noises Off" the last few months so i have'nt been around much. We opened last night and I also just finished this new puppet for a…

Puppet Planet Replies 86

Posted by Puppet-Planet on Jan 14, 2010

Mods, I tried to post where I thought this would fit best. If you feel it belongs in a different area then please feel free to move this thread. Best, -MicheleDear puppet planet customers,As many of…

Muppet style guides? Replies 8

Posted by ZombiePencil on Jan 09, 2010

I only recently found out about the existence of these books, but they probably aren't easily accessible to the public.  Does anyone happen to have any of these books? I'm really just…

size comparison ? Replies 0

Posted by BiZcut on Jan 05, 2010

So i was wondering if possible for someone to post some size comparisons of the project puppet patterns. I have the glorified sock puppet pattern and i want to get one of the others. WELL truth be…

Animal marionettes Replies 3

Posted by johian on Dec 23, 2009

Hi everbody,as you all know, I was bitten by a marionette bug.Now I'm looking for a book about making wooden marionette animals. Is there anyone who can help me finding it. I think there was onze…

Jim henson puppetry books Replies 6

Posted by AvenueQrazy on Dec 16, 2009

I would like to know if there are any great books that go behind the scenes on Jim's puppets and creatures that he has created. Or at least a book full of great muppet photos and stories. I really…

new toy Replies 5

Posted by jovack on Dec 13, 2009

hello all i have just been given a knitmaster knitting machine and its so cool. but what can i do with it??  other than jumpers and socks........... oh sock puppets...... but what else?

New Holiday Puppet Videos!!! Replies 33

Posted by Onath on Dec 07, 2009

Hey Everyone,I haven't got a chance to post here in a while. We just finished 4 holiday clips that will be posted through the month of December. Here is the first one Release dates of the rest…

Happy 1st of December. Replies 12

Posted by Henry on Dec 01, 2009

I have a big XMAS show coming up on Thursday which will star my wife as the XMAS Elf.I hope the kids don't run in fear as the costume is very confronting.I just finished illustrating my Australian…

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