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Tuck and Snippit (episode that never aired) Replies 1

Posted by Onath on Oct 02, 2009

Hey everyone,We have been working with threadbanger to get these guys on the air. We did a pilot for them early this year. However we keep trying to figure out how to get them to fit in with the rest…

"As seen on tv" Replies 4

Posted by AvenueQrazy on Sep 30, 2009

Ok call me crazy but has anyone watched shows like americas got talent, dancing with the stars, or the vma's? I say this because the Muppets have made some big and very random cameos on these…

Just finished this girl puppet Replies 14

Posted by DrPuppet on Sep 30, 2009

I just finished this one for a client. She has both eyebrows that move together. I am very happy with the way she came out. Thought I would post her here to see what you guys thought.Jay(drpuppet)

i graduate today Replies 5

Posted by jovack on Sep 30, 2009

 i graduate today i have compleated a BA in animation so my name is john thompson BA (hos) hahahahaha

The "Green" Sock Off!!! Replies 11

Posted by StiqPuppet Productions on Sep 28, 2009

Well it has arrived in two weeks we will have our Epic Sock Off on Stickam.  When: Sunday October 11, 2009 at 7:00PM ESTWhere : **sign up for an account early…

Need help with assignment! Replies 13

Posted by AvenueQrazy on Sep 26, 2009

Hey everpeople im doing a speech on the history and importance of puppetry for my class and its due VERY soon. I was hoping that someone could show me the the best websites for detailed info on…

Just Finished an Unusual Puppet Replies 8

Posted by DrPuppet on Sep 25, 2009

I just finished this for a client in texas doing a kids show. The premise was to make robot arms that were soft foam. Originally he wanted antron fleece for all but I explained we can't get good…

the puppet pattern of the video Replies 6

Posted by titere on Sep 25, 2009

Hi everybody.There is a  youtube video of P&S that shows how to build a simple yellow puppet made of felt.Well, is that pattern somewhere out there? Even if it looks easy to draw it on the…

Question regarding the gallery section Replies 4

Posted by SHould on Sep 19, 2009

Is it possible to upload a powerpoint to the gallery section instead of only all the individial pictures?

Muppets Mashup Replies 1

Posted by CanuckAmok on Sep 18, 2009

I have a soft spot for turntablism (wicky wicky scratch yo) and mashups (taking two unrelated songs and mashing them together with funky results). IMHO DJ BC is the king of mashups. Imagine the…

BLOG TV on tonight...... Replies 8

Posted by StiqPuppet Productions on Sep 14, 2009

I am on tonight on Here at 9PM est the first installment of making my Frankenstien Puppet.....Hope to see many new and old takes about 3…

Frog Puppet Replies 11

Posted by Twilkes on Sep 14, 2009

Hi there,I'm working on a film project, and rapidly downgrading all the big ideas to feasible and affordable ones.  The very ending of the film is a monologue involving a frog, initially…

Latest puppet Replies 7

Posted by gav on Sep 12, 2009

I'm a big Rob Zombie fan.  I've been planing for awhile to make puppet versions of the three main characters of  my favorite movies he made. House of a Thousand Corpses and The…

Another Baby Monster? Replies 9

Posted by Onath on Sep 11, 2009

So I made another baby monster. I didn't want the first one to get lonely.  The new one seems to think he's in charge.  I happened to have my camera out when the two of them were…

What's on your wishlist? Replies 19

Posted by CanuckAmok on Sep 07, 2009

So I've been asked to supply a wishlist of gifts I want, maximum C$50 each (about $46 US dollars or €32 euros or $54 Australian). What would you pick? What is on your list? What is the must-have…

Rod Avenue Q Replica! Replies 11

Posted by puppetfreak on Sep 06, 2009

Hey P&S, I have been busy doing nothing this whole summer!  Well like always I get spontaneous ideas and boy did I get one this week! I decided "Hey, I have foam lying around, and some…

Realistic Stubble Replies 23

Posted by gav on Sep 05, 2009

I have a puppet i'm working on that needs realistic looking stubble.  It has a grey black pattern I need to follow.  Problem is nothing i've done looks right.  Does anyone have…

Interview with Ronnie Burkett Replies 17

Posted by Na on Sep 03, 2009

I went and interviewed him yesterday, and OMG it was so  You can listen to the interview here, plus see some amazing shots of his latest show, Billy Twinkle (and one of me and him,…

Are we allowed to talk about this yet? Replies 21

Posted by gav on Sep 02, 2009

It's been many months and still no word or reimbursement from Andrew.  So I'm curious if we can speak about this yet.  If not Shawn or Billy delete my post and I apologize.  I…

Get a degree in puppetry!!! Replies 6

Posted by CandCpuppetproductions on Aug 28, 2009

YOU CAN NOW GET AN EDUCATION IN PUPPETRY, BEFORE I SEARCHED THIS IVE NEVER HEARD OF SUCH A THING!The university of West Virginia offers puppetry classes for the performing arts!Below is the link to…

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