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re: Puppet Productions Replies 1

Posted by Puppet Hawg on May 11, 2009

Hi all.Just came across new info. on Puppet Productions. The employees took over some of the rights, etc. and have started a new company.

my mothersday present Replies 6

Posted by gompie on May 10, 2009

This morning my daughters and son gave me the presents for mothersday. We only give the present who the kids make for me on school or at home. My oldest daughter, Deborah,  made a paperpuppet for…

Happy Mothers Day!!! Replies 0

Posted by Onath on May 09, 2009

This is an old video of ours from the video vault. But, I thought I would share it anyway.

Basic Moveing Eyebrow Is Finally Online Replies 16

Posted by DrPuppet on May 03, 2009

Its taken forever but we finally have a new tutorial online basic moving eyebrows. Like all they are only 5 dollars, so hopefully not to break the bank for too many of us living paycheck to paycheck…

New Tutorial Online Tonight Replies 7

Posted by DrPuppet on May 03, 2009

I have the moving eyebrow tutorial is finished and I am doing the final edits now. It will be ready tonight to download. I will post the direct link here for anyone interested.Jay (drpuppet)

Swine Flu (important public message) Replies 11

Posted by Onath on May 02, 2009


Interview with Avenue Q director Replies 2

Posted by Na on Apr 30, 2009

Yesterday I had a chat with Jonathan Biggins, the director for the Australian production of Avenue Q. Thought people here might be interested. It's a podcast, so you can find it…

How to commission a puppet maker Replies 0

Posted by Na on Apr 29, 2009

I wrote this today because I was getting frustrated with people who contact me. Feel free to add your thoughts on my…

New Puppet "Doctor Horrible" Replies 31

Posted by DrPuppet on Apr 28, 2009

Doctor Horrible will make an appearence in 99 Acre Woods soon so we built a Doctor Horrible Puppet. Wanted to post it here to see what you guys thought.Jay (drpuppet)

SBNS News: my Puppets Replies 5

Posted by puppetfreak on Apr 23, 2009

This is the video for a Project I hade to do today I was the live anchorman and I played this in a projection screen. Please read the info first and don't forget ot comment!! Thank you all for the…

Does anyone have a copy from this old thread? Replies 3

Posted by Na on Apr 23, 2009

I'm looking for the info contained in this thread:,486.0.htmlwhich seems to have been deleted in the recent spring cleaning. It was about making…

Earth Day Project!!!! Replies 6

Posted by Onath on Apr 20, 2009

Hey everyone, Tomorrow is Earth Day. So we made a video promoting it.I thought it would be awesome if we could get more videos like this promoting Earth day. If you decide to make a quick video…

Hands Up Puppetry Group Replies 3

Posted by littlebitwired on Apr 18, 2009

Hi all, I wanted to share this link. I did some volunteer work with Urban Fairytale Productions. I wanted to learn and share techniques and was given the opportunity to help out with the Hands Up…

Re: Hand puppet from Sydney White Replies 7

Posted by bompartxtreme1 on Apr 18, 2009

Helllooo Mr Sorell this is one of our puppets ( my wife and me ) please tell us what you think

our first puppet Replies 10

Posted by bompartxtreme1 on Apr 17, 2009

hey guys this is one of our first puppets ( my wife and me ) tell us what you think

WARNING...Virus attack Replies 5

Posted by cruppetman on Apr 17, 2009

Warning...I went to the Puppeteers Unite site and was immediately attacked by 527 viruses. Fortunatly my Norton stopped them. So, go there at your own risk. This is a recent development since I was at…

Obese puppets, and a "round head" Question Replies 0

Posted by Uncle_Arthur on Apr 16, 2009

Are there any puppet patterns available for an obese puppet? I'm looking to make a muppet-style puppet with a nub of a chin, and a "tire" of a second chin.Also, is there a pattern…

Question about type of puppet Replies 4

Posted by VampireWombat on Apr 16, 2009

I was looking through some galleries a minute ago and it triggered some memory of a puppet my grandfather had some time in the 80s. It was very simplistic. It was made of rubber similar to what…

Rit Dye on Sale Replies 1

Posted by Matt on Apr 14, 2009

FYI for everyone.Joann Fabric Stores currently have Rit Dye on sale for 1.53-1.60 a box for powder and 2.19-3.14 for…

Happy Easter Puppets And Stuff. Replies 12

Posted by Henry on Apr 10, 2009

I just have to tell you all about a beautiful thing that happened to me when performing the Tall Ted Easter Magic show at the local hospital yesterday.They had me set up in the kids play room which…

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