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Are FREE Puppet Patterns Copyrighted? Replies 8

Posted by lovable puppet pals on Mar 09, 2009

I've found a few free puppet patterns online that builders have been so kind to share.  Is it OK to use parts of their patterns in kits that I will be selling at a workshop?  For…

Celebrity interview with Joaquin Phoenix Replies 3

Posted by Onath on Mar 07, 2009

Hey,So we got a chance to interview Joaquin Phoenix. He didn't quite seem like himself though.   Actually it is one of our puppeteers who looks a lot like Joaquin from his most recent…

LED Source Replies 4

Posted by mineallmine on Mar 04, 2009

Hello,I am brand new here and found this board through the recommendation of a classmate. I am taking a puppet making class. I am creating a tiki puppet and want to have glowing eyes. I thought of…

Hungarian Glove Puppet Replies 6

Posted by Chris Arveson on Mar 03, 2009

This little fellow was given to me by one of my team mates in Russia. He had found it in a market in Budapest in October. The label identifies it from a company in Hungary, Babjatek Hand Pets.…

Check out this dolly shot. Replies 14

Posted by Onath on Feb 28, 2009

Hey Guys,So we got a chance to play with a dolly. So we took some time experimenting with it to see if we could make a convincing walking shot.Please let us know how we did. Thanks,Jon

Help me get to the US! Replies 0

Posted by Na on Feb 28, 2009

Coming in July '09 is the Puppeteers of America's biennial festival, and I want to go! (Read more here me get…

JOVACK Replies 15

Posted by titere on Feb 26, 2009

JOVACK!!! Hope you read on this web site every day... ! I have been trying for  a week  :-( to send you email, your server is down! ALL my emails get returned! Can you write me from another…

Just finished a new puppet Replies 26

Posted by DrPuppet on Feb 24, 2009

I just finished this puppet of Jacques Demolay for the Demolay company. I thought I would share him here for those who are intrested. He is the founding father of Demolay and their mascot.Jay

A replacement for plastidip Replies 12

Posted by Na on Feb 24, 2009

I tried Plastidip a while ago and wasn't very impressed. I bought a spray can, and although it worked fine, the fumes were very strong and the can was very expensive (about $60 AUD). It also…

Karoake Night Replies 7

Posted by Onath on Feb 21, 2009

Hey everyone,We had a karaoke night with the crew just to practice some lip synching and stuff. Well let me know what you thing and if you have song suggestions for next time let us know.

Puppetry for schools/classes - media packages Replies 4

Posted by Na on Feb 16, 2009

I'd like some help: I'm developing a set of classes that I can advertise on my site to schools and the like, and I want to have a sort of media package that lists all the necessary info of…

Backpacks for puppets Replies 3

Posted by gav on Feb 15, 2009

I'm a pet sitter and i'm away allot.  The perfect thing for me to do while I'm away is work on my latest puppet.  The problem is it's such an ordeal to bring my puppets with…

Check out this photo Replies 6

Posted by Onath on Feb 02, 2009

Hey everyone,Check out the photo link below. We were in Connecticut performing in a Puppet Slam. It was a great slam with a bunch of fun performers. There was also a judges panel that included none…

Animatronic (Robotic) Japanese Bunraku Puppets (Photos, Video) Replies 1

Posted by Ron G. on Jan 26, 2009

Here is an article on the blog Pink Tentacle which features Japanese bunraku puppets which were originally built for the 1970 World Expo in Osaka Japan, and recently…

jokes ideas needed Replies 9

Posted by LJ on Jan 21, 2009

Hey does anyone have a few jokes or one-liners I could use to incorporate into a reading program which has a tropical, beach, Hawaii type theme?  I would appreciate any help! The school I am…

Carving facial expressions Replies 7

Posted by Na on Jan 20, 2009

Just found this little blog post that features a very cheap book on carving faces; it's an automata (automaton?) site, and there's a few other books…


Posted by Na on Jan 14, 2009

Two days ago I got a big order - someone ordered every shadow puppet product I had in my shop  Unfortunately, I made part of one of my puppets, and it got stuck in the machine - this happened a…

I need YOUR advice. Replies 11

Posted by Onath on Jan 13, 2009

Hey everyone,We are going to be performing this Saturday as part of a Puppet Slam in Brookline. We have decided to expand on one of our videos we had made and to perform it live. We have several ideas…

Ideas for quick videos Replies 5

Posted by droffset on Jan 12, 2009

If you have some fun ideas for making quick (less than 2 minute) web videos, post here!It could be ideas for excercises to improve certain puppeteering skills, or ideas that you've always wanted…

foam on sale Replies 2

Posted by yesterdog on Jan 10, 2009

foam on sale at Joanns.  50% off.  Gotta go get me some foam!  Sale is from jan. 11-17

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