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Wireless Headphone/Microphone Replies 2

Posted by judyspuppets on May 02, 2013

I recently purchased a strolling puppet stage. I have strolled in the park a few times. I talked through the 'window' but kids could not always hear me. Is there a wireless headset…

What type puppet? Replies 6

Posted by Steve C on Apr 22, 2013

I am wondering what these type puppets are called,love watching them but never knew what type they are #!

Fur Question Replies 9

Posted by andruppets on Apr 22, 2013

Does anyone know if you can custom dye white fur to another color?

Copyright question? Replies 8

Posted by andruppets on Apr 12, 2013

Can I copyright a group of puppets all together and pay just one fee? Or Do I have to copyright each individually? Thanks! -Andrew

Summer Puppet Making and Teaching Job. Replies 6

Posted by geoffburnet on Apr 08, 2013

Long Lake Camp For The Arts is looking for a Puppet creator to come to our summer Performing and Fine Arts camp to help creative campers learn how to make Puppets this summer. Our campers love all…

Can't find this video... Know where I saw it? Replies 11

Posted by MikeFX on Apr 07, 2013

I'm working on a puppet build that was rather loosely inspired by a video clip I saw some years ago... I can't remember where or who it was! Here's what I do remember... I think it was…

Doing things backwards Replies 13

Posted by Na on Apr 01, 2013

Just posted this on my blog, but thought it worthy of some discussion here too... Your thoughts?I’m working on yet another potential commission submission/quote, and it occurs to me that people…

Looking for old puppet no longer made - MOPP PUPPET PRODUCTIONS Replies 11

Posted by IM180 on Mar 26, 2013

Hello everyone! I'm Knew to the forum.I'm a children's pastor and have been doing puppets for over 20 years. My main character is named Cheeto.Being almost 20 years old himself,…

Help! Need ideas ASAP Replies 5

Posted by Paul Santellana on Mar 26, 2013

I am doing a puppet show in July that uses live actors in it. At some points in the show, the puppet needs to close his eyes and show some emotion with them. I need to find a working method for the…

Discount for P&S Stuff Members on Diabolo Puppets Replies 2

Posted by Andrew on Mar 22, 2013

Hi everyone I haven't had time to post this on my blog yet, but I thought that there might be some people here who could benefit from it...I've always been fond of Diabolo Puppets, a company…

World Puppetry Day Replies 0

Posted by C16thFoxe on Mar 21, 2013

To everyone on the Puppets & Stuff Fora, have a great (and inspirational) World Puppetry Day.Regards,Dorian

National Puppetry Conference and more Replies 5

Posted by MsPuppet on Mar 15, 2013

Has anyone attended this conference in CT?  There is also a Puppet Museum in CT. Others include the Northwest Puppet Center in Seattle, WA, and the International Puppetry Museum, Pasadena,…

Cone shaped head Replies 5

Posted by MsPuppet on Mar 05, 2013

I need to make a puppet with a cone shaped head. Rather than reinvent the wheel, has anyone found any tips to make a conical shaped head?             

Most boring question award Replies 5

Posted by creatureworks on Mar 04, 2013

Hi Guys! Sorry I've got a really dull question here: Do I put my foam outcuts into the recycling bin or general waste bin? Well? Do I win the award for most boring question?

Shadow puppets... well not quite. Replies 0

Posted by Shawn on Feb 24, 2013

Wasn't really sure what to use as the subject title for this but thought that might get your attention. Wyoh ( ) posted this over at Puppet Hub. She is going to see this live…

Question re stuffing machine Replies 3

Posted by MsPuppet on Feb 22, 2013

Does anyone know where to get a machine like the ones used at Build A Bear to stuff the bears with fiberfill? Or better yet, has anyone made one? I'm thinking one on a much smaller scale that we…

Foam construction quandry... Replies 8

Posted by StoneWheel on Feb 17, 2013

I'm looking for some sage foam-construction advice, folks.  I'm working on my very first foam constructed puppet, and I'm using "The Foam Book" as a guide. …

Sewing and stuff Replies 39

Posted by creatureworks on Feb 15, 2013

Hi Guys! As they say here in Ireland, I'm totally 'green' when it comes to sewing. I haven't a clue...Luckily my missus does and she's gonna help but I need to find the…

Puppet rods Replies 5

Posted by creatureworks on Feb 11, 2013

Hi Guys! Sorry mod if this is in the wrong forum, I'm new here ;-)What would be a good choice for the rods? Can't find anything suitable so far.Cheers in advanceTim

Looking for two Aussie puppeteers Replies 0

Posted by Na on Feb 11, 2013

Brendan Goethe and Matthew van Beethoven - if you are out there or if you know them, please let me know! I need to talk to you.Also Shawn I would love you to bits if you could post this to Puppet Hub.…

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