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Puppet on a stick Replies 8

Posted by MsPuppet on Feb 08, 2013

I thought there was a tutorial on here for making a rod mechanism to open and close the puppet's mouth.  You can google "puppet on a stick" to see what I mean.  Did I dream…

Puppet Giveaway - Promoting my classes here in LA Replies 0

Posted by Lola on Feb 01, 2013

Hey everyone! Not sure where to post, so thought I would do it here. (I thought MAYBE PR, but that was discussion of how to promote things...mods can feel free to move it if need be.    ) I…

Clinton Detweiler Has died... Replies 8

Posted by Donald Woodford on Jan 27, 2013

If you've been a ventriloquist, more than a week, you'll recognize the name. Below information was received from Mark Wade;Clinton Detweiler Has died...It is with great sadness that I am…

I got featured on! Replies 11

Posted by DrMegan on Jan 24, 2013

I was going through the referral logs on our Etsy store this morning and found that one of our characters was featured as the Puppet of the Day for Jan 21st at…

Message, Art, or Entertainment? Replies 12

Posted by The Director on Jan 18, 2013

  I thought this might be an interesting discussion as long as there is respect for everyones viewpoint.  It is obvious in many cases here, where folks are coming from.  There are lots…

Wanted: puppeteers! Replies 10

Posted by Na on Jan 07, 2013

In 2013, School of Puppetry will be producing monthly podcast interviews with puppeteers. I have one scheduled to record soon, and if you'd like to add yourself to the interviewees, please email…

Site format Replies 3

Posted by The Director on Jan 01, 2013

What happened to the latest activity on the right side of the site.  Without that, I am totally lost.  I don't even know where this thread is landing.

Merry Christmas from The Institute For Ridiculous Science Replies 7

Posted by DrMegan on Dec 24, 2012

Merry Christmas everyone! Dr. Jeff put the finishing touches on our video Christmas card, and we wanted to share.I hope that all of you have a wonderful and joy filled day.

Is your puppet worth a million dollars? Replies 7

Posted by The Director on Dec 19, 2012

Hopefully none of you would fall for this.  Yesterday through "facebook", my charactor "Patsy Hoolahan" received this message. It's the scam where they eventually ask…

Where do your ideas come from? Replies 8

Posted by The Director on Dec 14, 2012

Curious how the creative minds think here.  If you are building charactors, does it just happen or by plan.  If you are writing shows, does the idea come or do you just start writing. Do you…

Special Needs Adult Child Interested in Pupperty Replies 2

Posted by jtjmom on Dec 13, 2012

Hello, all!Long story short, my son, who is 18, dearly loves puppetry and has been collecting puppets for some time.  He is seeking a blinking puppet, and I have concerns about what would be…

New Etsy Shop! Replies 4

Posted by Shawn on Dec 13, 2012

Our very own Dr Megan of The Ridiculous Puppet Company has a new Etsy shop.  Check it out!

floyd pepper eyes Replies 5

Posted by Steve C on Dec 06, 2012

Ok, I have a question.anyone have an idea on how Floyd Peppers eyes are made and operate.I like the way the emotion shows in them

Chicagoland Puppet Company Seeking Members/Interns Replies 0

Posted by Sea Beast Puppetry on Nov 21, 2012

Sea Beast Puppet Company is looking for overhires, marketing interns, performers and company members who want to play with puppets! We are a Glen Ellyn based children’s puppet company that writes,…

Oh no Elmo!! Replies 6

Posted by Steve on Nov 20, 2012

Kevin Clash stepped down today as a second person alleges abuse when he was 15 and has opened a lawsuit against him.terrible shame, no idea what's true or not but bad enough to even be close to…

Went to a LIPA protest here in Oceanside yesterday Replies 3

Posted by Steve on Nov 10, 2012

We have had no power for 2 weeks now. I live in one of the worst pasts of Hurricane Sandys rampage.Went as Wolfun and posed with people, heckled some politicians doing nothing.. a good ole time.Need…

4 of November Replies 1

Posted by pagestep007 on Nov 10, 2012

Just thought some of you might like to see where we are living and working. This past weekend we did a presentation. We don´t actually do many live shows these days, as we concentrate energies mostly…

Building your puppets character Replies 11

Posted by Shawn on Nov 06, 2012

Philip mentioned the accent (in this thread) which is something I noted also when I watched the video. I've noticed that there seems to be a rise in popularity both in both host and characters…

My puppets in a music video Replies 23

Posted by Na on Nov 06, 2012

Some info here: posted about a music video earlier in the…

Wheatley Puppet Replies 3

Posted by CreatureMinky on Nov 03, 2012

For this years AnimeNEXT, I am planning to create a Wheatley puppet. Wheatley is a character from the videogame Portal 2. However, since he is an A.I, he is composed of metal. Any suggestions of how…

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