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G'day from New Zealand Replies 16

Posted by C16thFoxe on Mar 11, 2013

I'm C16th Foxe and I have been an amateur puppeteer for several years now (is this beginning to sound suspiciously like I'm a member of Puppeteers Anonymous? ). I perform exclusively…

Hello Welcome to Adventures with Astro Replies 4

Posted by adventures with astro on Mar 07, 2013

Come check out Adventures with Astro EPISODES new to the scene with a good sense of humor. The episodes are geared more towards adults.  I do most of my work on youtube so please feel free to…

To wig or not to wig Replies 4

Posted by Crafty Lady on Mar 05, 2013

My most recent roadblock has been wigs, but i think i now have it under control.   I thought i would share some of my discoveries.   I am making a wig cap out of sticky…

Howdy Y'all fromTexas Replies 8

Posted by crash2.0 on Mar 02, 2013

I have never made a puppet before but i a m attempting to make a muppet quality one for a college art class. 23 male...dunno what else to say lol

Hello hello! Replies 8

Posted by Layla on Feb 13, 2013

Just thought I'd introduce myself before exploring the rest of the forum! It's so exciting to see such a big online puppet community!I'm a Wales based illustrator who makes paper based…

Greetings From the Sunshine State Replies 13

Posted by Mr.B on Feb 11, 2013

I've always known message board etiquette was to introduce yourself when you join, so here I am.I am a theatre teacher who is an amateur at making puppets but have included it in my curriculum.…

Hello - Billy D. Fuller recommended me to join. Replies 25

Posted by sthomas on Feb 07, 2013

I'm new to the puppet world.  However, I have been a Christian singer, musician, record producer, full-time on the road artist for many years.  I now pastor a church and still work in…

Hello from Maryland! Replies 11

Posted by artfactore on Feb 06, 2013

Hi Everyone!  I am truly a newbie to the puppetry world and look forward to listening and asking questions.  I design and make large and small puppets, but still too shy to perform. …

Puppets in Action/Puppet Revelations/Puppets for Jesus Replies 4

Posted by narrowduv on Feb 05, 2013

I ordered some arm rods in early January 2013 from this company.  I've been ordering from them for years.  To date, I have not received my order, however, the company has debited my…

Author needs Puppet for her book Replies 20

Posted by monaorona on Feb 03, 2013

Hello,My name is Monica O. Rivera and I am the author of the book called, "Lola The Spider and Purple Crayon" I am looking for someone to make me a puppet of my unique looking spider. Maybe…

Hello from the netherlands Replies 2

Posted by merlijne on Feb 01, 2013

Hello! I am so glad i found this forum! It would help me a lot i think. I just finished my first marionette puppet. My dream is to perform on the street like in Amsterdam. Now i'm am designing a…

Hello from Scotland :) Replies 6

Posted by scojack on Jan 31, 2013

Hello folks complete newbie from Scotland here.After a life long love of puppets i have recently started making my first marionette.Really enjoying it (mistakes and all).Hoping to pick all yer brains…

Greetings Replies 3

Posted by Crafty Lady on Jan 28, 2013

Fair Greetings my Gentles,   I am a 72 y/o great Grandmother.   Although i have dabbled in puppets/marionettes before, i am just completing my first two fully articulated…

Hello From Argentina! :wave Replies 10

Posted by andyz on Jan 24, 2013

Hello everybody i´ve just found this forum and wow! so glad I did  My name is Andy, I´m a spanish speaker but I´ll try to do my best so you can understand me.. be patient I love puppets and I…

Hello from Brazil! Replies 15

Posted by priperca on Jan 23, 2013

Hello everybody!My name is Priscila (most known as perca on internet boards, DA, etc) and I'm a crafter from São Paulo, Brazil. I have been in love with puppets since I was a child (specially…

G'day from Marianne in Australia Replies 3

Posted by MarianneMettes on Jan 21, 2013

Hey guys,My name is Marianne Mettes and I haven't been a puppeteer for that long (about 2-3 years) - but since I decided to become a puppeteer (literally overnight), I've lived and breathed…

Hi from Pat in Yale Virginia Replies 23

Posted by Patmur on Jan 17, 2013

I am the Pastor’s Wife of a small church and a member of our HUG (Hands Unto God) Puppet Ministry Team (among other duties ).  Our ministry began about 4 years ago so we are still new and growing…

Hi from Jungle Joe Replies 15

Posted by Jungle joe on Jan 17, 2013

Hello guys, I am so glad to be part of this forum, it really makes me feel so good about what i do and who i am. Like you guys i am a performer and a kids entertainer. I am a puppeteer and a…

Hi From Matt at Designs of Hollywood ! Replies 24

Posted by designsofhollywood on Jan 12, 2013

hi im matt i own designs of hollyood and hollywood puppet shop i make all types of puppets, ventriloquist figures and costumes you can see my work in my albums or visit my pages…

Howdy Replies 7

Posted by njventguy on Dec 29, 2012

Hello everyone. Scott here. I've been away way too long and just wanted to say Howdy and am very glad to be back. I'll be posting some new work shortly. Hope everyone had a great holiday…

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