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Looking for Puppet Manufacturer Replies 4

Posted by eboulearning on Oct 27, 2017

Hi everyone, New here and looking for a new puppet manufacturer  to help us out with our puppet making. Our previous puppet maker closed shop and we're looking for someone with the skills to…

Hello Everyone! Replies 4

Posted by 8BallsofFur on Oct 03, 2017

Hi, thanks for having me. You can call me Jessi, I'm an amateur puppetry student, and worse amateur musician.I got into puppetry about three years ago when I was asked to help build puppets for a…

Intrudicing myself. Replies 22

Posted by preetcher on Sep 23, 2017

  Hi everyone. My name is Don Zimmerman. I was born in Gloversville New York but have been living in NC since 1963 when I joined the USMC and was stationed at the naval air base at Cherry Pt. NC.…

Hello Im New Replies 3

Posted by MrsDMayo on Aug 18, 2017

I am in Wisconsin. Signed up a long time ago but never did anything. I have no idea how to put my pics of my cuppets (christian puppets) on here lol. But it is nice to meet you all and I hope i learn…

Hi. Im newhe Replies 3

Posted by Mordow on Jul 27, 2017

HelloIm. Mordow from MexicoI present to you my puppetsThanksPlease coment and subscribe

Now for Something Completely Different!...actually not that different, actually. Replies 5

Posted by Harley on Jul 16, 2017

A puppetry forum? Finally, a place I can discuss puppetry with people without seeming annoying! I am a musician with puppetry as a side-hobby. However, I really wish I could up my puppetry…

Back from afar Replies 5

Posted by SHould on Jun 04, 2017

Hi fellow puppet makers. It has been really a long time since I was here last. So much has happened in my life. Last week, I started to minimalize my workshop. I am still not done, but I am getting…

New Members story Replies 4

Posted by paul spence on Apr 30, 2017

Good day to you all, My Name is Paul and i have been into Medieval re-enactments for over 20 years, last year someone in the group suggested we have a go at making a puppet show for the children who…

Hi lovely people! Replies 3

Posted by CraftmamaNL on Apr 24, 2017

Hi lovely people,My name is Chantal and i have been  a puppet builder for about a year. I live in the Netherlands, am married with 3 kids, and they love to play with my home make puppets…

Hi from New Zealand Replies 7

Posted by petriknz on Mar 20, 2017

My name is Petrik, I run an arts and crafts website in New Zealand, we're going to be adding puppet making into the mix. Doing what research I can to assist with this, however it appears puppetry…

New Member Replies 3

Posted by Filika on Mar 19, 2017

Hi everybody. I came new in there. I am here in Turkey. I am making puppets and Puppet show in schools. I like do this so much. But I am looking for foam puppets pattern. And I looking for "how…

New Puppeteer. I Produce Parodies Replies 2

Posted by bhowardbe on Mar 07, 2017

I want to say hello to everyone.  I'm new, and fairly new to puppets & ventriloquism. I started in February (or March) after buying a Little Jeff Dunham ventriloquist doll, and then…

Hi! New(ish) Puppeteer! Replies 5

Posted by Luck Dragon on Feb 19, 2017

Hi! My name (here) is Luck Dragon. I will respond to Luck, Lucky, Dragon, Drag, and especially will respond to Falkor. Call me whatever (but especially Falkor). I love The Neverending Story, Rhett and…

Howdy from Nashville! Replies 7

Posted by MrGreen23 on Feb 01, 2017

Hello everyone. Thought I'd introduce myself here before jumping into the topics. I've been lurking around for a week or two now. I was given the nickname puppet probably 15 years ago or so…

New episode of THE INVADER BRIAN SHOW!!! Replies 1

Posted by invaderbrian on Jan 30, 2017

New episode of my weird little puppet talk show.  Check it out and drop me a like and a sub.  I'd be so grateful!Thanks!

Hiya, PUPPET brothers amd sisters! Replies 7

Posted by invaderbrian on Jan 21, 2017

Hey!  I'd be so grateful if y'all would check out my new channel.'s called The Invader Brian Show and it's about an…

New Here and New to Puppets!! Replies 3

Posted by thebyrdsx5 on Jan 20, 2017

Hi! I am new to the puppet world! My 9 year old son has more knowledge then I do! He has autism but is really into the big mouth puppets. The more I see the more I love them! So much personality in…

new PUPPET SOAP OPERA web series! Replies 2

Posted by UltimatePuppetShow on Jan 16, 2017

"Ultimate Puppet Show" is a YouTube-based drama/comedy series following the complex and often painful lives of its numerous puppet protagonists. Please like, subscribe and enjoy!

Just passin thru Replies 3

Posted by gil1102 on Dec 09, 2016

Hello everyone greetings from Winter Park Florida. Its been a while since my last post so I figured I pass by and just say hello.

Hello fellow puppet lovers! Replies 9

Posted by Ryan Weaver on Nov 11, 2016

Hello fellow puppeteers and puppet makers.  My name is Ryan, I live in Texas and I'm 35 years old.  I've been lurking on this forum and several other puppetry sites for about 6…

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