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Good morning, Starshine, the Earth says HELLO !! Replies 9

Posted by cirques on Oct 30, 2016

Hello to everyone who uses this forum !! I'm really excited to have stumbled across this site so pardon my enthusiasm !!At the moment, I am not a puppeteer or creator myself, but I am an…

There you are! Replies 5

Posted by Tired_Yeti on Oct 10, 2016

Hello!Recently rediscovered my love for ventriloquism and puppetry. First saw Jay Johnson on "Soap" and was star struck with ventriloquism and I BEGGED my mom to get me a figure. My first…

To Celebrate Jim Henson's 80th Birthday Anniversary Replies 1

Posted by QueenLucia on Sep 23, 2016

Hello to Puppets and Stuff, I'm getting ready to release a fantasy web series on YouTube, Instagram and Vine featuring puppets engaging in an adventure I hope many will enjoy. The release date is…

Puppet group in the UK Replies 0

Posted by Life you choose on Aug 27, 2016

Hello,We are 'Life you choose CIC' an arts and multimedia group for adults with learning difficulties in the UK. Puppetry is one of our many projects. We are running a 'Puppet…

Hello from Vancouver Replies 2

Posted by barkyboy on Jul 06, 2016

Hi There!This is Eric from Vancouver - Proud owner of a GSP (German Shorthaired Pointer) - Glad to be part of this community. Thx! I've been thinking about having my own puppet show on Youtube…

Greetings from Wisconsin Replies 4

Posted by MarownIOM on Jun 21, 2016

Greetings!I've already read some good ideas here and look forward to chatting with you all.I'm leading our puppet group at church.  We have a group of about 10 volunteers.Most of my…

Hi again everybody Replies 7

Posted by titere on Jun 20, 2016

   Hello! It has been ages since last time I posted here, but I still like puppets very much and keep often contact with some puppet professionals I initially made contact here.  I…

Greetings from the deep south! Replies 12

Posted by SandPunk on Jun 16, 2016

Hello everyone. I am a long time puppet enthusiast, my mother practically raised me on The Muppets and local public programming. I'm a resident of Mississippi, a chef by trade, and a practitioner…

New puppet lady from Isle of Wight UK Replies 2

Posted by mhairimac on May 23, 2016

Hello everyone,My name is Mhairi (it's a scottish name said like 'var-ee' )I work within a small art centre called Ventnor Exchange, which commissions new theatre pieces and we are…

Greetings from SE Virginia Replies 4

Posted by AmyR on Apr 01, 2016

Greetings, I perform Punch & Judy with glove puppets in SE Virginia, USA.  I made the full Punch & Judy set plus some new "friends" and have made one marionette so far as…

Re-built website Replies 6

Posted by Clewer Puppets on Mar 30, 2016

I haven't been on here for a very long time. Life has changed. I have totally re-built my website,, for anyone who is interested. However, I cannot fulfil any orders in the next…

Howdy, hello there! Replies 7

Posted by LibraryLady on Mar 25, 2016

Hi! I'm Paula. I work at a library, am not a puppeteer, but appreciate the craft and art.One of my ongoing projects at tge library is teaching crafts out of library / county trash such as…

New Puppeteer Replies 6

Posted by tylerbquick on Mar 08, 2016

Hello all!I'm a new puppeteer, as you can see by the title. I just got into it close to two years ago and I'm in love! I've been working at the Columbia Marionette Theatre and have been…

Renewing contact Replies 4

Posted by Clewer Puppets on Mar 04, 2016

Hi. I'm Debra Clewer, of Clewer Puppets. I joined in 2012, and everything puppetry was fine for a while and then went totally quiet. Not long after, my husband was diagnosed as being legally…

New comedy-drama with puppets as main protagonists! Replies 3

Posted by Selective Listening on Jan 07, 2016

Hi!I hope you are all well. I wanted to say hello and let you all know about 'Selective Listening', a comedy-drama feature film about an optimistic guy with a history of schizophrenia who…

Foam Replies 1

Posted by The Foam Wizard on Dec 26, 2015

I got a call from Jeff Dunham who needed help in selecting the Supreem type foam for his puppet cases from my web site and I only realized who he was after we talked. I loss my…

New member Replies 4

Posted by Honeybee on Dec 23, 2015

Hello everyone. New to making puppets but so excited to get started.

Hello I am a first time newbie... Replies 12

Posted by caseybright on Nov 28, 2015

Hi allI am not a puppeteer and I do not have a business but I have acquired a couple of puppets male and female that remind me of tall (and heavy) Jigger dolls. They are about 2ft tall, made of wood,…

Puppet on wheels Replies 7

Posted by Numensland on Nov 26, 2015

Hi! I am Puppeteer and Art therapist. Let's say shortly Puppets save my mind, if it is not my life! And in return, I try to do the same and spread the «puppet magic» around me. Beside their own…

Hi everyone! Replies 3

Posted by oneoddegg on Nov 26, 2015

Hi everyone! Always loved puppets and have finally begun crafting them and creating some videos (only one so far, but more to come). Glad to have a forum like this for getting ideas and tips. Have…

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