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is there puppets for sale Replies 4

Posted by pepsi on Nov 24, 2008

hello i'am new here and i'm looking to buy puppets.i have a budget of 300 or less.please help me.

New Here Replies 8

Posted by b53nan on Nov 23, 2008

New to making puppets. I found the tuterial to make the melonhead puppet. So I made some for my grandchildren. They love them. So I am hooked on making more. Like everyone else I am looking for free…

New guy Replies 27

Posted by droffset on Nov 22, 2008

Hi everyone, I'm starting to make some puppets so thought I'd register and say hi. So, hi  Here are the first two in hopefully a large cast of characters:

Hello from Glasgow Scotland Replies 11

Posted by 123P on Nov 22, 2008

Hi everyoneNewbie here...  Have been working with a puppet for about 18 months now, and I must say (apart from his hefty rider demands and occasional dressing room "scenes") it's…

Hey, hi everyone! I'm stubby Replies 9

Posted by yuriabbot on Nov 17, 2008

I'm glad to have found this site, there are a lot of great projects on here!check out my video: this is a puppet show I make for the internet with my roommatestell me what you think!-stubby abbot

Hello, Allan from Ottawa, Canada Replies 19

Posted by puppetacious on Nov 13, 2008

Hello everyone, what a great site.  Here's my latest creation.  She's called La Catarina, after a traditional character from the Mexican day of the dead.  She's the first…

New from Michigan Replies 10

Posted by cvzdesign on Oct 29, 2008

Hello!New here and wanted to put a little bit about what I've done so far.I manage teams of kids for the program DestinationImagination, and last year I wanted to do something special for the…

Hi Everyone!! Replies 8

Posted by Paul Vincett on Mar 19, 2007

hiya! my name is paul vincett, and iv just joined puppets and stuff! just thought id introduce myself. check out some of my work and other puppets on my myspace page,…

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