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Wooh puppets! Replies 7

Posted by mrbumblepants on Nov 10, 2014

I've been making puppets with my husband for awhile, but just now got the bright idea that I should really start practicing with them. We are working on getting a youtube show together, but in…

Suddenly a puppet artist Replies 12

Posted by mkshatto on Nov 07, 2014

I recently suggested that I make a puppet for a friend to promote his new creative business.  Hopefully my enthusiasm will make up for my complete lack of knowledge on the subject.  I will…

hello everyone. i am a newbie. only have made 2 puppets which turned out good Replies 0

Posted by scage75 on Nov 04, 2014

Billy dillon has asked me to introduce myself. Hello.Anyone have tios and tutorials on making a mouth for a puppet that doesnt have one in the pattern ( since im making a pattern from a styro foam…

hey there! new here looking for help puppets for purchase info Replies 5

Posted by ashley1290 on Nov 01, 2014

  I am really just getting into puppet ministry.  Me and a few friends have done a few shows for a women's group, a few for older people and a couple for kids. Churches,  street…

Guest or lurker? Replies 0

Posted by Billy D. Fuller on Oct 31, 2014

Do you visit Puppets and Stuff all the time lurking in the background. That is OK we just "Love" folks that are interested in the forum. We would like to Welcome you and when you are ready…

A Old Timer Replies 7

Posted by Billy D. Fuller on Oct 30, 2014

It has been so long since I have been here that I felt it was necessary to re-introduce myself. My name is Billy D. Fuller I use to be very active here at Puppet and Stuff until some personal family…

Hello Puppet Lovers!! Replies 7

Posted by vegasvent on Oct 08, 2014

Hello, I'm new to this Forum. I have been a Ventriloquist for 53yrs(ouch), but my first love was plain, simple puppetry. I am hoping to learn a thing or two about puppet building. I've spent…

New member here Replies 7

Posted by Mr.Kevin on Sep 28, 2014

I am somewhat new to puppetry. I have started a new puppet ministry at my church. I have built a couple of puppets, but the quality is still lacking.   I would like to build TV quality puppets.

well hello there Replies 2

Posted by dvdcollector1974 on Sep 15, 2014

I am a youtube film reviewer and use my puppets to help me out. Come on over and check me out. Thanks

Hi everyone! Replies 16

Posted by Pipinator89 on Sep 03, 2014

Hiya,My name's Vicki I'm 25 and I like in Western Australia.I just started getting into puppet building about a month ago and so far I've built 3 puppets. I'm working on a red…

Hello Replies 3

Posted by JonathanB on Aug 25, 2014

Just a quick hello! I've started another post in the Projects forum where I'm starting a puppet for my wife who is a teacher to use in the classroom.Cheers!

Blast from the past Replies 9

Posted by SHould on Aug 16, 2014

Hi everybody, wow, it's been forever since I was here last. I am recently working on several projects, some of them are about writing my first books, and while I was in a rut in my writing, I…

Hello from Norfolk Island Replies 18

Posted by Allan McConnell on Aug 13, 2014

I have just joined the forum and very keen to learn puppetry as this is something that is new to Norfolk Island. It has not been done here and by the way if you wonder where the heck Norfolk Island…

Looking for artisan puppets to sell for commission Replies 1

Posted by jlmaldonato on Aug 06, 2014

Hello talented puppetmakers! I am starting a business, Sweatpea's Puppets 'n Pals and will be selling a nice selection of manufactured puppets but I REALLY want to be able to offer artist…

Hello Everyone Replies 3

Posted by lansuminc on Aug 06, 2014

Hey Guys Jimmy here, drooooooled by to say hellp

Intro Replies 2

Posted by guinness59 on Jul 23, 2014

Hi all. my name is Mark. I found this site while looking for info about maionettes. I hope to be able to learn from y'all. I don't know much about making puppets of any kind. I am a wood…

UK say hello Replies 9

Posted by Ant on Jun 20, 2014

Hellooooooo hope your all well and please to meet you all. UK person here aged *cough cough* who'll have a myriad of stupid questions about supplies etc so please bare with meHave a good dayAnt.

New puppet comedy skits! Replies 2

Posted by Skitstorm on Jun 03, 2014

Hello! We are Skitstorm. We're like a regular skit group but with more puppets, and fewer funny bits. Check out our nonsense here:Any feedback welcomed...look forward to hearing from you all, and…

Request for Puppet Manufacture Replies 0

Posted by zadacohen on May 13, 2014

Hi,I am looking to have three identical puppets made. They are to be modeled after a person, so they must be life like. I am looking for a puppet that is around a foot tall. The puppet will need to…

KnoxNovice puppet newbie joins group Replies 1

Posted by KnoxNovice on May 04, 2014

Greetings, List.I'm Freddie B, joining from Knoxville, Tennessee. I'm making my first set of puppets, a Statler and Waldorf-inspired pair, for a concert by a chorus I conduct.  We will…

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