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G'Day everyone Replies 9

Posted by Anton's Angels on Jan 08, 2014

My name is Anton and I am a newbie to puppet making. I was blown away when I found this site. What a wealth of talent and information in one spot! I just had to join. I started my first puppet today.…

Hello everyone Replies 7

Posted by PauloCarvalho on Jan 02, 2014

Hi, I'm find this forum yesterday, and I really like it.I'm work in proffisional puppeter theatre for 6 years, and i have a youtube chanel in…

New kid on the block!! Replies 4

Posted by SammieJay on Dec 27, 2013

Hi, everybody!!! Call me Sammie. I haven't built any puppets yet, but I thought I might give it a try. I visited a church with a puppet ministry and wondered if the same might be feasible for our…

Re-introduction! Replies 2

Posted by Mujician on Dec 14, 2013

Hi,   I've been here before, however life got in the way, I think now I've struck a balance so I can afford more time for things I want to do! So I'm here for two reasons:- I…

Hello there! Replies 3

Posted by Ruffus The Dog on Nov 16, 2013

Hi folks!I'm Ruffus The Dog and I live in Toronto but you can more easily find me on the web where all our original shows have been posted and where we are releasing new works.Me and my friends…

Long Time Lurker in Texas Replies 16

Posted by BritteeG on Nov 16, 2013

PuppetsandStuff is a fantastic site.  I have a degree in puppet arts and have been incorporating them as much as possible in my live theatre work.  I found a lot of my puppet building skills…

Just started building puppets! Replies 17

Posted by cathicks on Nov 13, 2013

Hi everyone!My name is Catherine and I just started building puppets. My new favorite hobby! Here is my second and third puppet that I have built recently! I'm a bit too embarrassed to show my…

Hey there, evryone! Replies 3

Posted by Arachanox on Nov 13, 2013

So uh.. I kinda feel like I'm almost in an AA meeting lol. "Hey there.. I'm Jon.. and I'm a puppeteer" ..."Hey Jon!" haha I'm new to this website. I'm…

Hello from La caja de Morgana Replies 1

Posted by Morgana Box on Nov 08, 2013

Hello,We have created a web page about puppetry. You can find there some articles about our wood puppets on string creation, and some other interesting things.The content is in spanish and in…

Newish puppeteer...hi everyone! Replies 5

Posted by SamovarPuppets on Nov 03, 2013

I have wanted to make puppets for years and finally started a little over a year ago.  My first project was pretty experimental, it was an adaptation of Poe's The Raven using rod and shadow…

New to puppetry Replies 5

Posted by Kristina on Oct 27, 2013

HiI started working with puppets back in July when a band wrote a catching song that we figured we could make a puppet video to go along with to animate the song. Let me know what you all think!…

Brand spanking new! Replies 7

Posted by themenopausalartist on Oct 20, 2013

 . Hi there!  I have been a doll maker for years so I guess its not a huge stretch to puppets. Made my first one on a whim a while back and I'm hooked. Most fun I ever had making a…

Hello Replies 1

Posted by gtwllsn on Oct 09, 2013

I am novice in this puppet's world...I am from France.And I am here because I need advices about my marionette (the dancing mouse from Tony Sinnett)I will put pictures of my puppet in my next…

Hello Replies 2

Posted by Hudson on Oct 07, 2013

I am new here.

Grateful new member from California! Replies 1

Posted by fromdehart on Oct 02, 2013

This website is such a great resource for learning all about puppetry.  I have built a few puppets and since I teach drama to kids, figured I would offer them a puppetry class. We teach what we…

Greetings from Rough Magic Theatre U.K. Replies 2

Posted by RoughMagicTheatre on Sep 30, 2013

Hello, I found a number of people have been looking at and adding links to my blog: from the "Puppets & Stuff" online community so I thought I would become…

Greetings from the world of Cadachia :P Replies 2

Posted by Cadachia on Sep 30, 2013

Hello everyone. My name is Cadachia and I have 4 puppets. I haven't made any of them and am still trying to figure out what puppets to make. All of my puppets names and breeds are a typical 1992…

A Puppet Musical Tribute to Robert Downey Jr! Replies 4

Posted by Bill and Erin on Sep 25, 2013

Hello all. I am one of the producers and performers of a film themed puppet show and we have just posted a new video tribute to one of our favorite actors Robert Downey Jr. Hope you enjoy it and check…

removable arms and arm rods systems? Replies 3

Posted by THEIDOMINICM on Sep 18, 2013

Hisays it all in the title but I am making three large dog puppets and want to have it so the arms are removable so I can have arm rods and live hands!also I could use more help with a system for…

Hey, Krafty Karacters saying 'Hello' Replies 7

Posted by Krafty Karacters on Sep 18, 2013

Hi all,My name is Danny from Brisbane, Australia and I am completely new to puppet building ... about 2 or so months.  I am a Star Wars fan and my story starts with a small Yoda plush toy my…

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