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Hi From a Newbie to this forum Replies 26

Posted by The Puppet Workshop on Sep 07, 2013

Hi everyone, Its really lovely to find a community of like minded puppet enthusiasts. Im a puppet maker from Australia. I have been making props and costumes for theatre for many years and have always…

New member Replies 7

Posted by THEIDOMINICM on Sep 05, 2013

Hello! My name is Dominic Montero I am a self training Puppet Builder and Puppeteer,so far I think doing OK.There is a link below that should go to a picture of the first puppet i made called Ralph he…

New Member from Florida! Replies 1

Posted by PuppetMaking on Sep 04, 2013

Hey all! WOW!  What a website!  I just signed up!  Hope some of you have videos posted on YouTube, I LOVE to watch puppetry any way I can!  Check out my profile here and HAPPY…

New Member Replies 2

Posted by SNARK on Sep 01, 2013

Hi. Just found you guys. ~S.~

The Adventures of Sancho-n-Rusimus SNL Style Variety Show! Replies 0

Posted by taosnr on Aug 28, 2013

Hi All, My studio is launching a new show starring 2 puppets - Sancho and Rusimus. Check out a couple short clips we made to promote our show at Comic Con and please let me know what you think! You…

my new tv show with amezing puppets Replies 8

Posted by ttwow on Aug 16, 2013

hi! I have a new t.v show of puppetshere SOME links to this show on youTUBE(it call: "TWIIGY"):what you say about it?

Hi from Furfaces Replies 2

Posted by Furfaces on Aug 12, 2013

I'm Ray from Philadelphia, PA. Recently started building puppets. I've completed three, named Bear Bear, Fat Cat, and Bibby. Considering they're my first 3 think I did alright. I plan…

Hello Fellow Puppet lovers Replies 17

Posted by PieroniPuppets on Aug 06, 2013

   Just wanted to introduce myself. Don't know how I haven't been here sooner! Faron Pieroni- I live in the Nashville TN area have 2 awesome kids and my wife, a nurse, who helps me…

Hello, My name is Daan. Replies 12

Posted by Puppetdog on Aug 05, 2013

Hello,My name is Daan. I'm 22 years old. I'm from Belgium. I'm a teacher. Last year I made a talking sandwich for a competition. In fact it was a talking croque monsieur. The result was…

Hi All Replies 3

Posted by AladinComadin on Aug 03, 2013

I am magician and ventriloquist from India.Nice to meet you all

greetings puppet friends! Replies 1

Posted by baceda on Jul 26, 2013

My name is Evan and I'm a videographer in Vancouver, Canada.I just made my first puppet video with the help of my puppet-making friend, Scott!Please check it out and let us know what you…

Introducing myself Replies 1

Posted by jomarni on Jul 26, 2013

My name is Joel Amaniampong , I'm from Ghana in west Africa , i have completed high school . i also studied visual art in high and I'm a very creative person, i have a very great passion in…

Puppet Creative Videos Replies 5

Posted by puppetcreativevideos on Jul 21, 2013

Just wanted to introduce myself.  My name is Dave and I've been using puppets to make videos for social media for business clients for a little over a year.  My first puppet was a…

Howdy! Replies 9

Posted by Foam Shui on Jul 20, 2013

Hey puppet peeps! I was a long time lurker here until life got in the way and I took a looong hiatus from the forums. Luckily, I didn't take a break from making puppets! I've been pretty…

Hi from Tennessee. Replies 3

Posted by jackg09 on Jul 14, 2013

im new at pupeteering my intrest came from mr socko from mick foley in wwe wrestling lol to jeff dunham. i currently dont have any acutal puppets but have made my own sock puppet and 3 paper origami…

Hello Replies 5

Posted by NimhShambler on Jul 11, 2013

Hello. I'm not sure what to say as I've not joined a new message board in quite a long time. I'm currently 24, I live in Kentucky, I am female, and have recently gotten into puppetry. I…

Sites to use to find people interested in puppetry Replies 2

Posted by Mr. Magilwood on Jul 09, 2013

Hey I am sick of using craigslist with little or no success. Does anyone suggest another site similar where I could post something trying to find people who are interested in puppeteering?

yeiiii Cristina is back!!!!! Replies 2

Posted by cristina1984 on Jun 27, 2013

hi guys! one step to apologize for my absence the last few months, but I've been very busy with projects and am slowly selling my figures and puppets! I hope you are all well, try to go more…

new puppet series, work in progress...check it out Replies 0

Posted by puddlesNFuZ on Jun 22, 2013

hi,i'm krissy.  the following video is the beginning of a new puppet series i wrote and directed.  i'm still writing and being inspired as i pass through this portal to the other…

Teaching Grammar, Puppet Style! Replies 13

Posted by Mrs.LaPlume on Jun 17, 2013

Hi! I am a teacher, and I am contemplating using puppets to teach grammar to my oh so listless middle schoolers. My class last year was very involved in picking out our "class puppets".…

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