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Build info for WOODEN MARIONETTES Replies 0

Posted by Steve Scott on Aug 22, 2012

Just putting the word out... A great addition to the 'reference library' containing all the vital info for making Carved and Wooden String Puppets. High quality tutorial for professional…

Making new ones and hard to sell them to strangers :) Replies 8

Posted by Wheels47130 on Aug 21, 2012

 I'm working on two new character puppets I came up with. I just started building them. I have the voices and characters all figured out. I can't wait to finish them. I will be doing…

Building a wolf puppet with no idea where to start!? Replies 14

Posted by StCloud on Aug 17, 2012

So, i've made puppets before. But they have been monster puppets. They have just had circular faces, no snouts or anything. I made, a sort of, "glorified sock puppet" for my sisters…

side-to-side eye mechanism Replies 8

Posted by ArthurS on Aug 15, 2012

Am I on the right track???Rectangle wire frame with ping pong balls on ends.straight wire attached to back of each eye.Second wire piece with loops on end.  The wires from the eyes go trough the…

Working dragon wings? Replies 1

Posted by ArthurS on Aug 14, 2012

Starting my next project.  I want to replace my dragon.  Remember "Emu" from the 70's?  I'm going to make the design somewhat like that.  So the body will be at…

beginner question... Replies 6

Posted by allenlennon on Aug 13, 2012

Hi, im interested in making a muppet like puppet. And was wondering if anyone can lead me to tutorials on how to make them. Im planning on using foam block for the head, and will be looking at stores…

Need help with finger puppet construction! Replies 4

Posted by david_puppeteer_27 on Aug 12, 2012

Hey everyone,I'm a theatre artist who sometimes creates puppets for his productions. I've designed and built a couple of different kinds of puppets before (mostly shadow puppets), but…

How do I attach ping pong ball eyes? Replies 10

Posted by Shoeshine on Aug 09, 2012

I just used them for the first time, and I'm hoping there's a better solution than what I did. I glued foam inside the half ball then glued the foam to the puppet. But you can see the edges…

how do I vary the mouth/nose shape on a stuffed mouth puppet? Replies 2

Posted by jperrier on Aug 09, 2012

So far i have made puppets two ways, with a pattern I made after seeing it on the computer, I think it is the blue boy pattern, and by sewing a back and front and cutting a slit to insert the mouth…

Alternate Body & Fleece Pattern for Forma Series Puppets? Replies 13

Posted by Muppet88 on Aug 09, 2012

Hello,This is my first post on this forum although I've been reading a lot here and post over at muppet central. I'm looking for an alternate foam body pattern and body fleece covering…

Stuffy head? We haven't moved up to foam yet, what to do? Replies 15

Posted by jperrier on Aug 02, 2012

I have made a handfull of puppets just for my kids, neighbors, etc. So far I have just been stuffing the heads with fiberfill. Someday, when the budget allows, I hope to make a real foam puppet. Till…

Almost done with my 1.5 times Glorified Sock puppet. Replies 2

Posted by Wheels47130 on Jul 30, 2012

I still need to add his features. I just put the cap and boa on to give him a little life  This was my prototype. I really like the bigger size. Plus a bit easier sewing being bigger as well. So…

Foam in the uk Replies 5

Posted by kelly2103 on Jul 30, 2012

Hi, I'm about to embark on creating my first puppet. I was just wondering what foam do people use in the uk? I've searched for poly foam and haven't found much.Kelly x

Free fish puppet pattern! Replies 13

Posted by Gabriel G on Jul 30, 2012

Hello everyone! I built some fish puppets some time ago and saved the pattern. I used Jomama's fish puppet pictures on this forum as an idea for what to make. I thought it'd be nice to share…

New Puppet ( Snurdly Windsock) Replies 13

Posted by stevritt on Jul 29, 2012

I just posted a new puppet I made. His name is Snurdly Windsock

Hair options on puppets? Replies 9

Posted by Wheels47130 on Jul 27, 2012

I was looking for some help or ideas on adding hair to my puppets. I found a boa that worked however there was only a green one there. I know some use yarn, and other things. Does anyone know where i…

Two new puppets Replies 15

Posted by CJ Puppets on Jul 27, 2012

I was lucky enough to be asked to make 2 puppets for a play being put on here in NH by award winning director John Sefel. Here are a couple of the press release shots.If you happen to be in the…

Introducing Sally Succotash Replies 4

Posted by Wheels47130 on Jul 25, 2012

This is my first full complete build. I almost finished my first, however learned so much I had to start over. I did the spoon eyes and a Dollar Tree boa for the hair. Now I can get started on my big…

Pattern free! (or 'Loosening the training wheels!') Replies 50

Posted by kelso on Jul 23, 2012

That's right, I'm working on building my first puppet without a pattern... or without someone else's pattern, anyway!Wow, this is both stressful and exhilarating!Here's where…

Waldo controlled animatronic puppet Replies 15

Posted by vagittarius on Jul 23, 2012

I'm new to puppet making, and I haven't found a good resource on this yet. I'd like to make an animatronic head piece for a walkaround puppet costume, one which opens and closes its…

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