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Charolette - The Spider Puppet Replies 10

Posted by Lola on Jun 21, 2012

Made her for my friend's birthday. I let her name her, so she shall hence forth be known as Charolette. She had individually wired arms, with slots for rods in the second arms from the top. She…

Puppet Chess Replies 6

Posted by Puppetlight on Jun 19, 2012

Hi all,For my companys Christma Production I need a whole chess set of puppets, almost identical (or a close as it can be) to the typical chess peices. The cast need to be able to control them through…

Lips Replies 19

Posted by melaine9 on Jun 18, 2012

I need Ideas for lips for my Bertha puppet. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Need a pattern for large bare feet Replies 33

Posted by melaine9 on Jun 13, 2012

Does anyone have a pattern for large basre feet to share? I would like one that has individual toes. Thanks


Posted by gbutler288 on Jun 13, 2012

I am looking for a Foam Pattern for a nice set of lips.  I drew out some lips but they are just too flat.  I'd like someting more 3 dimensional.  Anyone have a good pattern for foam…

Hello , I am a new puppet builder and have alot of questions. Replies 18

Posted by melaine9 on Jun 08, 2012

  Hi everyone I look forward to any advice you can give. My first project is a puppet caveman. I would love some ideas on how to slant the forehead and make his lower jaw alittle fuller. I am…

Where can I buy Micro-fiber chenille? Replies 7

Posted by melaine9 on Jun 08, 2012

I am looking for the fabric they make Carwash mitts out of. I can get them in everycolor but black, and since they are not a natural fiber they cannot be dyed.

Working with a slinky? Help Replies 9

Posted by gbutler288 on Jun 08, 2012

Hi,I'm new to full body puppet building.  I'm learning a great deal and having a blast.  I'm trying to figure out if anyone has attempted to make their version of a…

Looking for hair Replies 4

Posted by The Director on Jun 05, 2012

 :-\Not for myself though I could use more.  A couple of my Pelham vent puppets have thinned hair. I have searched the web and been to every fabric store in town. Nothing.  It comes on…

Looking for a particular eye Replies 15

Posted by Chris Arveson on Jun 04, 2012

And any help y'all can give would be most highly appreciated.Judging by the number of topics in this forum about eyes, it's pretty easy to see how important this little body pert is.

Rubber dipped nose? Replies 10

Posted by polkaboy1027 on May 25, 2012

I have seen links to tutorials for how to's on rubber dipped noses, but most of the links I have found are dead.  Does anyone know of a tutorial for how to do this?  Thanks a bunch in…

Dye separation Replies 2

Posted by Out of the Box Puppets on May 23, 2012

I have a customer who tried to dye reticulated foam with apple green rit dye, but the foam came out a dark tan.  Any ideas what might have happened?  I don't have details Of the process…

Dyeing a beard for a hippie puppet Replies 4

Posted by trekkiemonster on May 19, 2012

Hello!I'm having great trouble with dyeing a fake beard for a hippie puppet. Since this character is not old (he's somewhere between 30-35) I want his beard to be brown like his hair (bought a…

foam body pattern Replies 6

Posted by Mr. Magilwood on May 17, 2012

I think I have seen it on here before but does anyone have a good body pattern similar to kermit?

So, im selling some puppets, need some improvement. Replies 8

Posted by Gary Sorrell on May 13, 2012

So, to expand on the post by Lizzie, about quality control, I had a couple of areas I was curious about.Edit:I guess I should preface this by saying I will likely be doing a lot of these for kids, so…

HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Replies 9

Posted by Josh on May 04, 2012

I have a puppet that I want to build, but, I want to give him fur hair....And the pattern I have for this kind of hair is kind of confusing me.  So, does anyone else have a pattern for fur hair…

Styling yarn hair Replies 17

Posted by Puppetainer on May 02, 2012

Hey all! I'm starting a build of a couple of puppets and plan to use yarn for their hair. I'm doing one male and one female puppet and want to give both of them a "hair style". His…

New build, Pink Project Puppet Pinhead Replies 22

Posted by DrMegan on Apr 26, 2012

Dr Jeff needs a new puppet for a street gig that he has coming up, and wants to use the Pinhead Project Puppet pattern. Since I've not used that pattern yet, I decided to make a mock up. We needed…

Avenue Q Puppet Replicas Replies 50

Posted by Clockwork on Apr 21, 2012

Hello again everyone! I'm looking to replicate some puppets from the musical AVENUE Q, which I'm sure most of you are familiar with. I know these questions get asked a lot by people who have…

Wonderflex and Fosshape Replies 48

Posted by Shawn on Apr 20, 2012

I had mentioned these two products in another thread but wanted to create a new thread here to introduce them better.  Both product can be purchased from Cosplay Supplies at…

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