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Annual "Project Puppet" Build Contest Replies 34

Posted by puppetlady on Jul 20, 2009

Attention all Puppet builders!  The annual "Project Puppet" puppet building contest has started! See for details.  This year's theme is a jungle…

How to make a puppet Replies 21

Posted by Mark on Jul 19, 2009

If any of you people have any websites in mind that might sell puppet makeing kits like the ones on or diffrent .please message me back. Thank you

Patterning Foam Body Replies 6

Posted by Gabriel G on Jul 15, 2009

Hey everyone,As some of you know, I'm currently working on some sheep puppets.I want to get a nice round oval shape for the body and planned on patterning it with the "wedge" method.…

ideas for an eyebrow mechanism? Replies 1

Posted by fuzziwig on Jul 13, 2009

Hey guys,So I'm stumped. I'm building a puppet right now that I would like to have his eyebrows move, but I can't seem to build the right contraption to do so. Think ventriloquist brows on…

Help me with a new Build! Replies 4

Posted by Gabriel G on Jul 10, 2009

Hello all!Been awhile since I've posted, I've been very busy lately with school and also have had a chance to jump back into puppetry this summer with a new production and a…

A Few Questions from a Beginner Puppet Making Person Replies 204

Posted by BoxGhost on Jul 09, 2009

Hi. I'm very new to the forums and probably even newer to puppet building. I am a huge fan of puppets though, and have just purchased a sewing machine and started making my first puppet, Boober…

Greg the Bunny- Type Puppet Replies 3

Posted by mooniteman on Jul 07, 2009

Ahoy kids!I'm new to the world of puppetry but I've been building props and costumes for over 10 years for myself and several independent films. Now I'm on a quest to make a puppet.I…

Anyone have pics of soft Vent figures? Replies 17

Posted by lovable puppet pals on Jul 07, 2009

Hi Guys,I have a custom order that is for a vent puppet.  I've never made one yet, and I'm just wondering if any of you have a pic of a soft vent figure.  The opening in the back,…

Puppet! Replies 6

Posted by lovable puppet pals on Jul 05, 2009

Hi Guys,Well, first of all, I had an awesome time last week at the camp I was doing...and I sold almost $800 worth of puppets!  I was very excited, since it was my first to get my name out…

stuffing arms & hands Replies 20

Posted by jovack on Jul 05, 2009

hello alli was just wondering if there is a easyer way of stuffing arms and hands. i have been making the arms and hands in one and turning them inside out and some times i have trouble with the hands…

saw ears in a tuck (andrew course) Replies 7

Posted by gompie on Jun 24, 2009

I put pics here How I'm going to saw the ears into the tuckthe patternpin the ear to one part in the tuckpin the tuck parts together, the ear is still between it and saw it has to look something…

*NEED* Marionette Help Replies 2

Posted by travis nelson on Jun 24, 2009

Hello, gang!I am a puppeteer from Florida who operates marionettes and hand puppets as entertainment and as a hobby.I would like, however, to involve myself in the construction of such puppets, namely…

What's the name of this rod puppet style??? Replies 6

Posted by Nikole H. on Jun 16, 2009

Ok, I have been away FAR too long.  I just can't seem to find a simple construction for the type of rod puppet that I am building.  I am not doing a hand and rod but completely…

Blinking eyes Replies 6

Posted by trekkiemonster on Jun 13, 2009

Hey guys! I'm planning on making a puppet that has blinkable sunshades for eyes, similar to Floyd Pepper and Mahna-Mahna.I was intending to do it on my first puppet but decided in the end to skip…

Arm rods Replies 4

Posted by kermit3001 on Jun 10, 2009

My method of arm roods is permanent.  i make a loop in the end of the rod and sew it through the hand.  check out my videos on you tube,  my user name is kermit3001

Tankman Replies 12

Posted by johian on Jun 09, 2009

Hi fellow puppeteers,it's been a while now since I had some time to visit this wonderful site... too busy with the new play - première in  october. For this play I'm making the men who…

Parade puppets Replies 2

Posted by Na on Jun 02, 2009

I've been asked to make large (about 1.5metres - they actually want 3metres, but I think that's too big to carry) parade puppets in the style of chinese/indonesian puppets, with the very…

Has anyone ordered foam from ""? Replies 3

Posted by jlucci on May 23, 2009

Hi all!I recently read a post in an archive that suggested a website called ""that carried an outdoor reticulated foam.  I placed an order and they were extremely helpful…

Feather Boa question Replies 6

Posted by Chris Arveson on May 20, 2009

I am working on a couple "hair"-brained schemes for making puppet toupees, wigs, hair-pieces, etc., etc., etc. I am unreasonably ignorant about the nature of feather boas. If I cut one into…

free patern Replies 14

Posted by neal on May 20, 2009

hello im trying to find a free patern that has the same type of shape as elmo iv seen one but cant find it nowcan some one please help thanks -lace-

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