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Honk Project Replies 10

Posted by bubble-boy on Mar 31, 2009

Hey all, Having looking around and viewed many of your galleries, i find your work truelly inspiration, and so excited to be able to pick the brains of such talent.         …

Who does custom made puppets? Replies 7

Posted by thecaptain72 on Mar 29, 2009

I was wondering who cqn make puppets to look like their owners?  I have wanted a puppet to look like me for a long time.ThanksJose R.

How to make a movable clock or speaker mouth puppet Replies 14

Posted by fbctcpuppets on Mar 27, 2009

Hello.  My wife and I are puppet leaders of First Baptist Church in Texas City.  Of course, either my wife or I will get a wild hair such as having some object to start singing a song. …

3M versus Elmer's spray adhesive Replies 4

Posted by CanuckAmok on Mar 26, 2009

I was browsing around Home Depot today (killing time waiting for my bus) when I decided to go look for some spray adhesive. I saw the can of 3M Super 77, something that it highly recommended and I see…

Hand in the back or underneath? Replies 28

Posted by SCUBASTEVE on Mar 26, 2009

I'm making an easter bunny for my two and a half year old daughter. I'm designing it on the go, but it has a small head as she struggles to play with my larger creations, I'm making a foam…

My pattern is finally finished! Replies 15

Posted by lovable puppet pals on Mar 22, 2009

Just thought I'd share that I finished my new pattern.  It is for a very small puppet, hence the name "Pint-Sized" Pals.     The finished puppet is about 14",…

cable control Replies 3

Posted by ihuntzombies on Mar 21, 2009

anyone know how to do cable controlled movements, not animatronic, just a pulled wire.

My First Puppet Replies 10

Posted by Uncle_Arthur on Mar 20, 2009

I put this guy together in a couple of days. No finesse here; lots and lots of generous duct tape use! I used the cheap foam "visors" that are available for $1.00 each at most craft stores…

Need Advice: Lower Jaw Help Replies 6

Posted by Uncle_Arthur on Mar 20, 2009

Hey all. Just got into puppetry weeks ago, and I'm experimenting with pieces of info gleaned on Google searches!I have a big problem with the second puppet I've made, and need some help. I…

Customizing caricature sock puppet Replies 10

Posted by flashpuppet on Mar 20, 2009

I'm going to be making a sock puppet for work that needs to look like a person we use for training videos (the asian man in the main frame) and I just found this forum and was wondering if anyone…

"Fish" type marionette Controller ? Replies 26

Posted by Steve C on Mar 19, 2009

Hi Everyone,I'm new here and glad to meet you all. Ok I'm curious about the fish type controller i've seen on a few sites and youtube.I'm building my first marionette and was wondering…

quick dragon sock puppet Replies 10

Posted by ihuntzombies on Mar 19, 2009

this is a little guy i made in 20 mins at my daughter's 3rd birthday party. its crude and un finished , but i have been waiting to post something on this site! i know the nostrils are far apart,…

Falcon Puppet Replies 15

Posted by invisime on Mar 18, 2009

I will be playing a medieval falconer in a larp soon, and as I don't have the ability to learn to handle a real falcon, I need to purchase or make a realistic looking falcon puppet. It needs to…

Nice example of mechanical eyes in Pasha's newest puppet Replies 12

Posted by puppetlady on Mar 15, 2009

Pasha Romanowski built a very nice Spike Lee puppet with mechanical eyes.  He posted pictures and a video on  He even includes a few photos of the interior…

Bert's eyes? Replies 10

Posted by chimei on Mar 13, 2009

i'm wondering if anyone knows where to get ahold of eyes that are like those on bert (from sesame street).they are perfectly round, somewhat flat, but have a very nice black rim around them. any…

Shaving Antron Replies 3

Posted by jlucci on Mar 11, 2009

Another Question  I know Project Puppet recommends disposable razors for shaving Antron Fleece, but has anyone used a fabric lint shaver that you can get at Wal*Mart or the fabric…

Snaps for removable arm rods? Replies 19

Posted by jlucci on Mar 10, 2009

Hello All,First let me say, I've loved lurking here for a couple months - there is a tremendous amount of brilliant information here, and great contributors as well!I'm starting a new puppet…

Custom Mouth Plate Design....HELP! ;-) Replies 11

Posted by lovable puppet pals on Mar 08, 2009

Hello Everyone!  I was just wondering about building mouthplates.  I've built many puppets, but all have been from patterns, or adjusted patterns.  I have made a monkey  that…

Can't Find the Eyes Replies 4

Posted by Matt on Mar 01, 2009

I recently watched the blinking eyes toturial from DrPuppet's website. In the video he used eyes that are half spheres about the size of a ping pong ball, that have a doll joint on the back. While…

marabou boa Replies 5

Posted by Angel in Tx on Feb 26, 2009

I was at Hancock Fabrics today and they had their Marabou Boas on sale for 50% off - that meant $2 each!  I don't know about other stores but I just thought I'd share.Angel in TX

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