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Rit Dye and Air Brush gun Replies 6

Posted by Billy D. Fuller on Feb 24, 2009

Is it possible to use diluted liquid rit dye in a Air brush gun?Billy D.

Snowy Sock puppet Replies 8

Posted by Bhanu on Feb 22, 2009

Hi ,I just finished my first sock puppet..Snowy. I was cleaning my father's cupboardand picked up a pair of white socks (fluffy/ towel material) ...I was contemplating to makea bunny rabbit first…

How can I create long hair for puppet? Replies 15

Posted by mikepc on Feb 17, 2009

Hey everyone!  Wow, what a cool site.  So, I'm building my first puppet using the pinhead pattern.  Basically, I need him to have realistic looking long hair.  I just wanted to…

Made My First Foam Head Replies 9

Posted by Matt on Feb 15, 2009

So I've finally moved up to a foam head for this dragon puppet I am making. This is a bit of an experiment for me considering I've been making puppets for about a month. I am very pleased with…

Need Help with First Puppet's Head Shaping Replies 7

Posted by gage on Feb 15, 2009

Ok, first, I apologize for the size of the images I'm linking to they are huge - no image editing program on this computer.Now to the problem at hand.  You can tell I am using stretched out…

who made these fantastic puppets??? Replies 10

Posted by jeezbo on Feb 15, 2009

Hello everyone, sorry if this question has already been answered, but i am on a quest to improve my abilities in puppet building, i am sort of new to puppetsandstuff but not at all new to building and…

Brian the Brain Puppet Replies 19

Posted by Sonny on Feb 13, 2009

Hello Crew,Heres a latest puppet I made for an 8th teacher in Santa Ana. She requested a Brain Puppet. I did some extensive research ( and tried to replicate the human brain as much as…

2 quick questions Replies 10

Posted by shahryar on Feb 13, 2009

Where can I get polyfoam, is it something joanns or michaels carries or will I need to order it online.and also I plan to hand sew can't really afford a machine right now so is there any advice…

My puppet stand instructions Replies 6

Posted by cvzdesign on Feb 11, 2009

Here is a simple and inexpensive stand that I have built for the puppets I have been making.I'm sure it could be adapted easily for other needs too.Supplies:Drill with a 3/4" spade drill…

Lifesize puppets Replies 14

Posted by Na on Feb 10, 2009

I need some advice: I've been approached by a local museum to do a sort of installation for an upcoming toy/puppetry exhibition. They're keen on having two copies of my teddy bear marionette…

New pattern giveaway Replies 64

Posted by Na on Feb 08, 2009

Ok folks - I'm giving away just 10 (!) patterns to test out my new muppet design. This is modeled on Jeff, pictured below. I'm releasing the pattern this time in sections, as I finish it,…

Placing the mouth for a permanent smile? Replies 34

Posted by SCUBASTEVE on Feb 08, 2009

Hi, I've made quite a few puppets but recently tried to make my first Muppet style puppet, based loosely on the famous "expert village video" tutorials. in order to push my self a little…

Looking for Patterns Replies 22

Posted by Dresda on Feb 07, 2009

Hi!  I'm new here and pretty new to puppet building.  I'm looking for some patterns by Pat Lewis from a company called Sonrise Soft Crafts.  I found and ordered several patterns…

About to start my first puppet. Replies 3

Posted by shahryar on Feb 07, 2009

Finally got the glorified sock puppet pattern and I will probably be going to joanns today to buy some polar fleece. I just wanted to ask for last minute advice.Well first I'd just like to ask if…

Kopykake Airbrush Compressors Replies 10

Posted by Sonny on Feb 05, 2009

Hi Gang,I just wanted to pass on some good Karma from a company that made latest compressor.I do alot of airbrushing on my puppets and do have many tool/accessories backups that I keep just in…

First time puppet maker Replies 10

Posted by Ebeth on Feb 05, 2009

Hello--I'm trying to make a foam puppet head but am going nuts trying to find exactly what kind of foam to use and where to buy it--help!E

Cookie Monster Type Eyes Replies 21

Posted by Puppet-Planet on Feb 03, 2009

I just wanted to let members here know that Mercury Plastics has Cookie Monster type eyes available for purchase again. I usually only place one or two bulk orders a year and the last time I made an…

Dutch Puppet like you to meet Frency Replies 35

Posted by dutch puppet on Feb 01, 2009

Hi there,I've finished my latest puppet: she is called Frency. She is a well educated women and she really like to go to the hairdresser!Real nice that it's carnaval soon here. Now I can buy…

Pedal Marionettes Replies 6

Posted by Monkey on Feb 01, 2009

Does anyone have any information on pedal marionettes.? I saw this once in an old issue of The Puppetry Journal and would like to try it again ( I loaned that issue to someone-learned a valuable…

Table-top / Rod / Bunraku Style puppet bodies Replies 5

Posted by wyohming on Feb 01, 2009

hello everyone...Yes.. its been a while.. things have been busy.. I've changed jobs twice and am now working closer to home but not at home.. I'm also 5 months pregnant!  So.. I would…

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