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why foam? Replies 9

Posted by Ponster on Jan 31, 2009

I hope this isn't considered blaspheme in the puppet world...I really am a newbie,but why are the hand puppets mostly made out of foam rubber? I have made only a few puppets and I have stuffed…

Puppet making/maker video...... Replies 14

Posted by StiqPuppet Productions on Jan 29, 2009

Here is a neat Video that I have just discovered....I have never seen this one and thought that I would share is a bit about making puppets and about a puppet maker......I thought he had…

mechanical puppet help Replies 8

Posted by jovack on Jan 26, 2009

hi all I plan to have a go at my first really mechanical puppet, what im planing to do is make the puppet talk by having a mechanical mouth and have it hooked up to a cd player so the mouth moves to…

Trimming fur Replies 2

Posted by chimei on Jan 25, 2009

greetings...any good tops for trimming fake fur? i've tried  scissors, but that's a bit uneven...and barber's hair clippers get clogged up.chimei

How do I design a pattern from scratch Replies 15

Posted by CanuckAmok on Jan 21, 2009

Question: If I sketch a puppet's head, how do I then generate a cut pattern for foam from my sketch? How do I figure out the two-dimensional pattern so that it has the correct shape when I…

hazzards of finding puppet parts Replies 14

Posted by LJ on Jan 19, 2009

I have to share this story with all of you. My husband and I were in a second hand store a while back and we bought a cheep old toy -a Yano interactive story toy.…

PLEASE READ if you make and sell puppets (or other handmade items) in the US Replies 6

Posted by Ron G. on Jan 11, 2009

"Fines of $100,000 per violation."I don't think that I've seen this discussed here yet, though maybe I just missed it.The US has recently passed a new law called the Consumer Product…

How much fur? Replies 3

Posted by chimei on Jan 10, 2009

hi...i'm trying to order some fur...and i'm not sure how much i'll need. i'm building a full body character not unlike grover or elmo (including legs) and was wondering if 1/2 yd would…

ant puppet Replies 9

Posted by jgpuppet11 on Jan 07, 2009

need idea and/or pattern for an ant puppet. was thinking could make puppet from poof foam balls or Styrofoam balls. thank you for any help.jg puppet11

help with a giant dragon puppet Replies 2

Posted by mikechek on Jan 06, 2009

hey everyone,saw this amazing puppet on the internet and was wondering if anyone knew how to build this. Thanks

My latest puppet Replies 7

Posted by Bhanu on Jan 06, 2009

Ms. Kavitha ..the curly hair puppet is my new creation. Prepared using stretch material. I left the hands hanging without fixing any rods.She has wiggle eyes.  

My Latest Builds - Crayon Puppets C: Replies 11

Posted by Gabriel G on Jan 04, 2009

Hello All~!It's been awhile since I post but I'm sure most of you remember me asking for ideas and help with the construction of some crayon puppets. Well the performance swept by on New…

Making clothes Replies 5

Posted by gav on Jan 03, 2009

Hey everyone.I've been away for a bit.  I'm now back and working on a puppet that I'm about done with.  I wanted to make him a custom lab coat but can't really make clothes…

Egg-shaped eyes Replies 9

Posted by chimei on Dec 29, 2008

hi...i've been looking for eyes that are "egg-shaped" like those of oscar the grouch. i found some at puppet planet, but they are out. ayone know of another supplier? thanks

Invisible shadow puppet rods? Replies 35

Posted by Na on Dec 24, 2008

My recent and last build for 2008:,3971.msg35378.html#msg35378uses translucent patterned paper for a shadow puppet. I'd really love it if anyone…

My last puppet of 2008 Replies 11

Posted by Chris Arveson on Dec 22, 2008

I've been working like mad for the past couple weeks, lurking here but not posting. I completed five rod-arm puppets, and one marionette, in addition to the busyness of the season. I had a request…

Does anyone know of a pattern for this kind of puppet? Replies 8

Posted by lovable puppet pals on Dec 19, 2008

Hi Guys,Merry Christmas!   Do any of you know of a pattern to make these kinds of puppets?  It's also like the No Strings ones.  I've always been interested in ones like…

Gingy Replies 7

Posted by puppetfreak on Dec 14, 2008

Hey for the Holidays I wanted to create a Gingerbread man like Gingy from Shrek the Musical But I wasn't sure what I should do for the mouth and for the icing. If anyone can help me please post.…

What is the best way to store marionette puppets... Big ones? Replies 9

Posted by Rcdspoon on Dec 10, 2008

Hey Gang,I have recently finished my second marionette puppet and currently working on a third for my kids birthday! My problem is how or where to store my new friends... Does anyone have any…

Matting/Distressing "Monster Fur" Replies 10

Posted by chimei on Dec 10, 2008

greetings...i'm a newbie, literally. i'm just cutting my first bits of foam. just made an articulated hand! worked great...woohoo.i'm following a pattern, but am wondering about matting…

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