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Removable puppet hat Replies 13

Posted by General Grunt on Mar 29, 2013

Does anybody know of a way to temporarily attach a hat to a puppet with a head of hair, without permanently gluing it to the head? So that way I can take it on/off when I want. I thought of Velcro,…

Quad Stilt Puppet Head Mechanism Replies 7

Posted by Maleficia on Mar 17, 2013

I can't say I have much experience with prop/costume building, but I do my research and I love to tackle new projects and acquire new skills.My only other large scale project can be viewed here.…

Bird Wings...Use Arm Rods? Replies 3

Posted by Patmur on Mar 12, 2013

Hi, I am working on a bird puppet.  I know some wings are moved by arm rods but is there another simple way?  I assume that rods are attached via velcro? I was thinking of string somehow?

project puppet pattern scaling? Replies 2

Posted by crash2.0 on Mar 10, 2013

I bought several  patterns and my umm test models i guess would be the name seem rather small. My hand doesnt really Fit comfortably. What scale do y'all lovely people use to make a…

Gauge of piano wire for arm rods? Replies 4

Posted by crash2.0 on Mar 08, 2013

I want to make my own removable arm rods for my puppets. I know doll joints are used for inside the hands and piano wire for the rods but I cant seem to find the gauge...suggestions? 

little frog pattern Replies 4

Posted by Mr. Magilwood on Mar 03, 2013

anyone know where I could find a pattern to make a robin the frog (kermit's nephew) puppet. Not looking to make a replica, I just want to make a small cute puppet character

Crash from Crash and Bernstein Replies 5

Posted by crash2.0 on Mar 02, 2013

I am trying to make a Crash style puppet for a college art class. I need to be "pro quality" according to my professor to count as "art". So i might be in over my head, but ima…

[Tip] Red Devil Dragon Skin Steel Sanding Sheet Replies 3

Posted by Shawn on Feb 24, 2013

Got a tip the other day from the wardrobe mistress on a kids character show I worked. When working with L200 foam she was using Google Search: Red Devil Dragon Skin Steel Sanding Sheet" to shape…

Bicycle Brake Replies 18

Posted by Desipio on Feb 23, 2013

OK... I'm here to pick your brains again folks!!Has anyone ever used Bicycle Brake cables for a mechanism? I know Handspring and a few other places do... But never really paid much attention to…

Dying question Replies 5

Posted by Shoeshine on Feb 19, 2013

I have a 10 yard bolt of white polar fleece. What color dye would be best for a Caucasian human skin tone? I'm most comfortable with rit dye. I've never dyed fleece before. But I've…

Making a sack-body monster, first puppet in a long time... Replies 4

Posted by CrowTeeRobot on Feb 16, 2013

So, after a few years without any puppet making, I’m jumping back in head first. I decided to make a sack-body monster puppet with a couple of yards of fur I bought years back, actually after visiting…

Recycled Thread Replies 2

Posted by Lola on Jan 26, 2013

Thread on Create For LessHey everyone! Gutermann (which is my favorite thread, no secret there) just released their line of reycled thread,  made from plastic bottles. I am SO excited about this.…

Vacuum Form Eyes Replies 4

Posted by andruppets on Jan 12, 2013

Hey Everyone! I was wondering what is the best thing to use as a pattern for vacuum forming puppet eyes? 

Launching a new Project Replies 0

Posted by mike on Jan 06, 2013

Hi guys,Just wanted to let everyone know what I and my company have been working on. We have launched our new project Sachimo tale. You can see more about it hrer. websiteWe have also started a…

Noreen Young Dvd Replies 16

Posted by artextrema on Dec 01, 2012

Hi eveybody! I,m working On a puppet project,  with some latex, and i was adviced To buy and Watch Noreen Young Dvd.Unfortunately the "Making Lifelike Puppets" DVD was discontinued from…

How do you Build your Puppet? Replies 6

Posted by Murphysworld on Nov 23, 2012

Hey there so, Since I started to build Puppets I saw a really huge mass of "How Tos"on the Internet and Youtube.And I know there are a lot of ways to build a Puppet.. as just for Example:-…

First puppet (not yet finished) Replies 9

Posted by roscolabri on Nov 17, 2012

Hey all, first post here as I've mainly been peeking at posts here and there with great interest!Anyways, I've started my first puppet pretty much following youtube tutorials. I'm…

Fancy Rod Puppets Replies 3

Posted by Chris Arveson on Nov 08, 2012

I am becoming more and more interested in rod puppets like those of Hansjürgen Fettig and Sergei Obraztsov. The mechanics of making these puppets are beyond my understanding, and I'm finding it…

Closing up Replies 5

Posted by CJ Puppets on Nov 08, 2012

Hi all,I know it's been a while since I posted. Just wanted to let you know I'm going to be closing up CJ Puppets. I guess I really just lost the passion and I don't wanna be the guy…

Ambitious first project for Halloween 2014 Replies 4

Posted by smkoberg on Oct 31, 2012

Hey everybody!I have my plan for Halloween 2014 which is going to be a full body costume with puppeteered head and arms/hands. I'm starting to get information together now since this is going to…

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