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Building off of an old Halloween prop Replies 3

Posted by mrbumblepants on Sep 06, 2015

A friend gave me some kind of ghoul in a tombstone a few years ago. It was supposed to do some kind of cool thing, but they could never get it to work. After looking it over earlier this week, I…

Your favorite adorable viral videos done with PUPPETS! Replies 14

Posted by Starship Sassafrass on Aug 15, 2015

Hey Guys!!As many of you may know, Me and the gang over at Sassafactory Studios (Makers of Starship Sassafrass) Have been working on a side project for about 8 months. They pushed it aside in order to…

President Obama and actor Hugh Laurie were custom build by AllProPuppets Replies 3

Posted by Jungle joe on Aug 12, 2015

These two character puppets of President Obama and actor Hugh Laurie were custom build by AllProPuppets for a video project in Hollywood CA. David, provided us with his vision of the characters along…

Mr. Weinie trigger mouth Replies 3

Posted by Gail on Aug 03, 2015

I want to make a hot dog in bun puppet with a trigger type mouth on a rod.  I saw the Henson hot dog puppets without buns and I like the way that the bottom mouth opens so cleanly. Any one have…

My latest build Replies 4

Posted by cjspiteri on Jul 22, 2015

Hi Folks, I have not been on a lot, and I am not sure if I have posted on this board before or have just lurked. I have been busy with a new apartment change, a new school year start (I am a teacher)…

Sassafrass is coming!! :) Replies 2

Posted by Bill Smith on Jul 17, 2015

Well, with a lull in life issues, Sassafrass, my first attempt at puppet making, which I started quite a while back, is finally getting his eyes glued into place!! {They are loose in my profile pic}…

SkaterDude Replies 9

Posted by Russell2005 on Jul 09, 2015

After an extended break from puppet building and such, (I've been focusing on writing and self-publishing children's books and stories for middle-grade readers) , I've begun work on a…

Canine puppet Replies 5

Posted by Tioh on May 14, 2015

A friend helped making the body for this puppet: I have to decide which fur colors to use.

follow the build progress of nick the puppet Replies 3

Posted by grnlxx21342 on May 11, 2015

Hello everyone after a few weeks  whiteout making a puppet I make one again and after this one there are three more puppets to go.but I will working on one now. The other three do I  another…

Bird puppet Replies 11

Posted by Tioh on May 10, 2015

A friend and I started to work on a new bird hand-puppet. This character will be an anthropomorphic version of a bird - more toon than a realistic bird.I 3d-printed the head in PLA, installed the…

Jason Alexander Supports Puppets Off Broadway! Do you? Replies 1

Posted by Paul Louis on Apr 23, 2015

My friend, Jason Alexander (yes, George Costanza from "Seinfeld"), is a HUGE supporter of the puppet musical that I've written, "REAL MEN" (formerly titled "Real Men Sing…

Anyone interested in bidding on a cat puppet build? Replies 0

Posted by yalaurie on Apr 06, 2015

Hi everyone, So I randomly had a contact about a guy looking for a cat puppet he wants built. It is based off of a comic he wrote. I have never made a cat, so I priced it pretty high because I figured…

New puppet hands Replies 4

Posted by alexander_may on Mar 30, 2015

I made my puppet Albert some new hands this past week. He needed proper hands to hold stuff, especially his karaoke microphone  PS. The mic itself is made out of sponge, so it is very light…

My short tutorial about making 3d-models for 3d-printing Replies 0

Posted by Tioh on Mar 22, 2015

Making a head-base with a 3d-printer - english version: version:

A few creations Replies 2

Posted by TygerMin on Mar 13, 2015

A few puppets I have been working on.This guy is for a friend's nephew who loves Superman, but liked light green.I recreated Axle with the SS Alternate body, gave him somewhat of a beer gut :DI…

Derpy Hooves Replies 1

Posted by Shirik on Mar 09, 2015

I'm not going to deny it - I'm a big My Little Pony fan. I realised I had all the materials for this build kicking around my work room and with my partner being away this week I have a lot…

Zathras the Rat Replies 2

Posted by Shirik on Mar 06, 2015

This was a project I started a long time ago (2 years in fact) and nearly got him finished but due to unforseen circumstances he ended up on the backburner for a while. I pulled him from storage this…

New Skitstorm Channel Trailer Replies 4

Posted by Skitstorm on Feb 25, 2015

So, to placate the YouTube Gods, we made a new channel trailer. Now featuring 92% recycled material! enjoy!

A new Sci Fi puppet web series! Replies 16

Posted by Starship Sassafrass on Feb 21, 2015

Hello everyone! Just wanted to introduce myself and my troupe to the forum! I cannot wait to delve in and read all of the wonderful info here! I am a puppeholic! and proud of it! lolMy name is Chris…

My Kermit the Frog Replica Replies 2

Posted by alexander_may on Feb 20, 2015

I've wanted my own Kermit the Frog since I was in primary school (so at least 25 years!!!) and I finally managed to get everything together and do it. Took quite a few tries to get it to look…

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