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New puppet Mullet redneck Replies 17

Posted by DrPuppet on Nov 04, 2008

I am finishing this one too for the same guys. What are your thoughts? Oh I forgot to put on his eyebrows right now so ignore that. I like his red suspenders and wife beater shirt.Jay

New puppet finished Old Man for client Replies 25

Posted by DrPuppet on Nov 04, 2008

This is the first of three that I have been doing. The other two I am assembling as we speak. What do you guys think?

Church Puppets pattern trial Replies 12

Posted by puppetlady on Nov 04, 2008

I made a puppet using Helen's pattern from her business "Church Puppets".  This is Radcliff Spencer.  He prefers to be called "Rad" for short.  I followed the…

My Halloween Project Replies 15

Posted by Rcdspoon on Nov 03, 2008

Hey gang,Spoon here with the results of my current project for Halloween...Which was a big success...We set up the outside of the house as an homage to little shop of horrors and the main attraction…

New Video from Bashful Puppet Replies 11

Posted by Jon on Nov 02, 2008

Here's a video I produced with the help of my churches puppet ministry.  It's a short telling of the bibles account of Solomon asking God for wisdom.  This story is part of a…

Dutch Puppet newest puppets! Replies 16

Posted by dutch puppet on Nov 01, 2008

Hi there,I would like to show you my newest puppet called Annabelle. She is a very smart girl. Recently changed here baby teeth for adult ones. So I think she is about 7 years old...This time I tried…

Full Body Jointed Puppet Replies 13

Posted by jomama on Oct 25, 2008

I've gotten started on my new project. I have the legs done except for the fabric cover. I have to design and build the hips/pelvis and then the torso. After that comes the arms, then the head and…

New puppet Replies 23

Posted by Bhanu on Oct 02, 2008

Hi, I completed my new puppet based on the Brazil pattern from Nice Braga's tutorial. Thanks puppet Brazil -Braga for the free pattern. Of course I could not get the right type of glue. In India…

Project Puppet's New Contest Replies 165

Posted by puppetfreak on Sep 26, 2008

Hey everyone let me be the first to say that Project Puppet has a new contest!!! You have to make an alien  puppet using the simple series. The roly, glorified sock, the pinhead, and the…

Puppet Build For Client and Pattern Replies 33

Posted by Jon on Sep 05, 2008

A few weeks ago I was asked by a teacher friend of mine to build her a puppet that she could use in the classroom.  For several months I had the idea of developing a relatively simple puppet…

Professor Ichabod Inch Replies 39

Posted by Jon on Feb 29, 2008

Well, I had so much fun building Joshua Junebug I could just sit abound doing nothing so  I've been cooking up a new puppet for the Lilac Hollow gang.  So introducing Professor Ichabod…

DOCTOR WHO with Puppets Replies 69

Posted by David on Jan 29, 2008

Yes, you read that right, I am going to make a film based on the BBC Sci-fi Show DOCTOR WHO but... with puppets. I had posted this thread in the Puppetry forum at Muppet Central, so if you had seen me…

My latest puppet Replies 19

Posted by Pletoo on Jan 16, 2008

This is my latest experiment ~ I wanted to try for a bigger octopus, but I goofed on the proportions. The scarf covers the extra piece of material I added in, the hat covers the holes where the eyes…

Free Talking Lips Puppet Pattern & Tutorial Replies 12

Posted by Andrew on Jun 19, 2007

Hi all,I just added a tutorial and free pattern for Talking Lips to This is grew out of a discussion here on P&S and request for a pattern to make talking lips (I made the…

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