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sound systems/mics Replies 8

Posted by LJ on Jun 11, 2010

Hey I just heard on the news about the new law going into effect concerning wireless microphones that broadcast in the 700 MHz band. Does anyone know any more information about this? Does anyone know…

Transporting My Stage Replies 15

Posted by Chris Arveson on Apr 14, 2010

One of the challenges of moving a puppet show from one side of the planet to another, (or to the next town) is getting my stage there. On airplanes, it is especially challenging to have it condensed…

Stage for mouth puppets? Replies 3

Posted by eldritch on Feb 09, 2010

To intentionally misquote the Bard, “Every stage is a world!”At least in my book.   Backstory:  For the past couple of years, I’ve been writing the occasional Punch & Judy script…

Recording Music for a Wedding Replies 12

Posted by Billy D. Fuller on May 11, 2009

I need your help? Since some of you use pre-recorded audio for puppet shows I thought this would be the appropriate area to post my question. I am in charge of a complete wedding this month and need…

Adjustable puppet stage Replies 4

Posted by MsPuppet on Apr 18, 2009

I know there used to be a discussion on here (at least I thought there was) about making your own adjustable aluminum frame stage. Seems like someone said they bought stands from a photo supply. …

I Got a New Toy! Replies 2

Posted by Chris Arveson on Mar 23, 2009

 I just got this new toy (quite literally!). I've been poking around over the last few years at yard sales, hoping to find one of those plastic outdoor playhouses for a ridiculously low…

see through material Replies 3

Posted by kapples on Feb 18, 2009

Hey, got a question, where can I get the see through material that goes on a stage where the puppeteer can see out, but cannot be seen?

My puppet space TV show...done with green screen. Replies 9

Posted by scaredgirlrobot on Jan 17, 2009

I do a puppet show using green screen and edited it iMovie and now Final Cut!  It's called Commander Quacks, Protector of the Future!  I made most of the puppets featured in our little…

A new portable puppet stage! Yeah! Replies 11

Posted by docmic on Dec 04, 2008 Partners supplies puppets and cd's and stories for puppeteers that work in schools.We bought this stage and it is everything the website says it…

recording scripts Replies 2

Posted by jgpuppet11 on Nov 04, 2008

need instructions on recording scripts, using our own voices

Introduction and some links Replies 7

Posted by Shawn on Dec 16, 2003

Everyone wants to know the best type of stage, how to make it and then what to do about lighting and sound.  I have pulled a few links from the old forum that may help in getting this forum…

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