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Winter Fun With Patsy Hoolahan Replies 2

Posted by The Director on Feb 21, 2014

    It's a little more work to take your puppets outside, but the lighting is better.

Happy Valentines Day Replies 0

Posted by The Director on Feb 14, 2014


Patsy's Back! Replies 2

Posted by The Director on Feb 05, 2014


Patsy Hoolahan's Holiday Christmas, New Years Show Replies 0

Posted by The Director on Dec 06, 2013

    I don't know where this stuff comes from.  These characters have taken on a life of their own so I'm not responsible for what they say anymore LOL!  I hope…

New muppet movie. Replies 13

Posted by Arachanox on Nov 21, 2013

So who's excited for the new muppet movie?! I know I am! I hope it can top the last one! The preview comes out in about 10 or so hours. Haha. Anyone fans of the great Jim Henson? Sent from my…

Puppetry or not? Replies 7

Posted by Billy D. Fuller on Nov 20, 2013

Found this on my Facebook newsfeed............puppetry or not!

New ideas? (One of Jim's new vidoes) Replies 1

Posted by Arachanox on Nov 16, 2013

Would anyone like to share ideas for Jim? What would you like to see him try to do? Anything at all can help! Just give me something to work with, and I can do it! Here is one of Jim's videos:

Gorrilla TELENEWS. The rice cooker. Replies 0

Posted by Morgana Box on Nov 14, 2013

Hello friends,Here we post the last Gorrilla TELENEWS video. This is about a curious rice cooker.The next video will take us some more time for realizing because now we are working on some wood…

Gorrilla TELENEWS. Interview with Pepe Lemming Replies 0

Posted by Morgana Box on Nov 11, 2013

Hello,Here you have our video Gorrilla TELENEWS. Interview with Pepe Lemming.It is in spanish but with english subtitles.Hope you enjoy it.

Patsy's Thanksgiving Show Replies 6

Posted by The Director on Nov 09, 2013

Probably the most important American holiday that is somewhat overlooked since it is not a big money maker.  So for the first time Patsy presents a Thanksgiving show.  However no matter…

The Hungry Witch Replies 3

Posted by The Director on Oct 11, 2013

I usually upload my Patsy Hoolahan episodes every month.  However, I found a couple cool masks at the dollar store.  Then my sister showed up in town for one day and I said, lets make a…

Serious/horror films Replies 3

Posted by Wally33322 on Oct 10, 2013

I'm a big fan of horror films, and I also LOVED the movie Strings!Can anybody give me any recommendations for a serious horror film with puppets?

my new tv show of puppets Replies 0

Posted by ttwow on Sep 19, 2013

smilehi every 1 !my name is Twiigy,and im new hereI do t.v show of puppets in my countryand I will love to show you in this fourm my workand I will love if you tell me what your think about…

Puppetry and Animatronics. Replies 4

Posted by Shawn on Sep 14, 2013

Saw this posted over at Puppet Hub by Philip Millar and wanted to share it here.  It is a talk that Philip gave at the agIdeas Design Conference in 2009.  Philip Millar is in charge of…

Youtube News & How It Effects My New Video Replies 4

Posted by The Director on Sep 05, 2013

  Well youtube is messing arund again.  this time they are deleting video responces to videos.  So you can no longer attach a like video to another.  This will limit the community…

Somethings Bugging Patsy Replies 1

Posted by The Director on Aug 20, 2013


Patsy's New Trailer Replies 1

Posted by The Director on Jul 22, 2013

     While on break for who knows how long, we took the time to make an official trailer for Patsy'd youtube channel.  Thank you for those who have already watched and made…

Piano playing Marionette Replies 1

Posted by cvermont on Jun 30, 2013

I thought this was a great use of a lot of old tricks. I loved the interaction between the two performers.  

Megan Piphus on Americas Got Talent Replies 1

Posted by The Director on Jun 11, 2013

 I've seen her before on youtube.  Very talented.  Here is her YT site.

Patsy's Season Finale is Here Replies 5

Posted by The Director on Jun 09, 2013

  I can't believe I have completed two seasons and a bunch of short vids and specials. Thank you pagestep "Phil" for encouraging me to keep going.  As well as others…

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