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Michaela Bartonova and Tineola Replies 2

Posted by johian on Nov 17, 2008

Hallo friends,sunday I with to Eupen te see the group Tineola. They played Etain. you know Michaela Bartonova - She is realy a great artist - makes realy…

The Jim Henson Hour - Lost Episode -Secrets of the Muppets Replies 1

Posted by KONY on Nov 16, 2008

 Hallo I found very interesting movie , uploaded by user marvin8723                with his 3 minutes introduction.Its a GREAT documentary made by Jim…

Has anyone every used felting as part of puppet making Replies 2

Posted by newmodeller on Nov 16, 2008

  Hi all, it seems an age since I had anything to post about.  Due to two things, one teaching is a FULL TIME job (ie I still seem to be working after I have put the kids to bed) and I have…

First Puppet Project Ever - Ragnarok. Need input! Replies 13

Posted by Lady Vincira on Nov 14, 2008

Hello. **Shy wave**I'm brand-spanking new both to this forum and to puppet-making. ^^' I DO have experience with prop-building, as well as doll-making and plushies. I'm also a fair…

hello, I´m Moema, from Brazil Replies 8

Posted by Moema on Nov 13, 2008

Hello!I´m a 34 year old puppeteer from Brazil, a Drama graduation student at the University of Brasilia and a member of the group As Caixeiras. We do "teatro de lambe-lambe", the kind…

Puppet noses now for sale! Replies 15

Posted by Na on Nov 13, 2008

I'm extending out into noses now...  Check them out here:

kitty strings video!! Replies 5

Posted by cy73 on Nov 12, 2008

hey all!! just thought i'd pop in and drop my 1st ever marionette video on this lovely forum. its a super cute video, and i really do hope you enjoy it!! thanx in advance for viewing~

You can make puppet costumes - a question about the book Replies 5

Posted by Na on Nov 12, 2008

I know the book is available as a free pdf; but is it also for sale as a physical item? It occurs to me because I saw…

A love for metal sewing machines and their uses Replies 1

Posted by puppetlady on Nov 10, 2008

Like Dr. Puppet, I'm a fan of metal sewing machines.  I have a 1950's black enamel Singer knock-off from "occupied Japan" called "Royal".  I have a Singer treadle…

Hi from a newbie Replies 11

Posted by gkgirl14 on Nov 09, 2008

HiI just found this site today and I thought I'd take a minute to introduce myself.  My name is Katie and I live in Michigan.  I've been working with a puppet at my church for about…

PerformanceSpace122 Replies 2

Posted by Ron G. on Nov 06, 2008

This new member accidentally or intentionally spammed us with five identical posts promoting an upcoming performance at PS 122. After making sure that they were identical I went ahead and deleted four…

Giraffe shadow puppet pattern available! Replies 0

Posted by Na on Nov 06, 2008

A new pattern for sale at my site. More info here: below of how it turns out:

Upcoming performance at Performance Space 122 Replies 4

Posted by PerformanceSpace122 on Nov 06, 2008

At last, the man known as one of downtown's technological wizards steps out from behind the curtain. Silovsky and his robot Stanley tell the very true and complex story of Jesse Bogdonoff, the…

Help with Character Features! Please! Replies 19

Posted by Gabriel G on Nov 05, 2008

Hello all!As some of you may know, I'm currently putting together a puppet musical of "The Crayon Kingdom." I already have a pattern in the works but before I start building, I want to…

Pelham Puppets Replies 6

Posted by David Leech on Nov 05, 2008

hello Everyone. What a wonderful website this is! I am based in North Devon UK and I have just re-launched a range of Pelham Puppets designed as an Introduction to Puppetry for children. Other ranges…

Pelham Puppets gets new site Replies 0

Posted by Na on Nov 03, 2008

I've received info from the official historian, David Leech, that there's a new book published on the subject, a new website, and a new range of puppets on sale in the UK (the book is…

I got to see Potter Puppet Pals live Replies 4

Posted by Kanamai on Nov 03, 2008

This past weekend at Youmacon (which is an anime convention), I got to see Potter Puppet Pals live. It was soo amazing. I have been a fan since 2003 when it was just a flash animation. Neil Cicierega…

Ms Helen's pattern's puppet Replies 7

Posted by miguel on Nov 03, 2008

his puppets was made using Ms. Helen's pattern!More pics on gallery!Miguel!

Building the head Tutorial is now online! Replies 17

Posted by DrPuppet on Nov 03, 2008

I have uploaded the building the head tutorial. Its in four parts and is nearly 51 min long. i know its big but if covers from the pattern, to glueing , to making eyebrow ridges, making the nose,…

Muppet-type pattern now available! Replies 13

Posted by Na on Nov 02, 2008

My recent pattern (see pattern giveaway thread) is now available to purchase at my site:

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