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portable sound system Replies 2

Posted by LJ on Sep 04, 2008

Question for all of you performers.  I currently use the Florida Magic sound system which has served me well, but I am wanting to add music to my shows and wondering what other options there are…

A mouth that doesn't smile? Replies 22

Posted by Chris Arveson on Sep 04, 2008

Most of the hand-in-mouth style puppets seem to just naturally smile. (That's probably a part of why I like them!) Is there a way to construct a mouth that looks more like a frown, or at least a…

Hello there. Replies 14

Posted by LD Ablo on Sep 04, 2008

I am new to both this site and the concept of creating a puppet.I have, for some time, wanted to do this and only recently decided to go ahead and do it.I tried in vain to find someone who could…

Second section puppets made by me! Pictures Replies 12

Posted by miguel on Sep 03, 2008

hi, guys!This my second section of puppets made by me. All of them are platic plate head.Thanks again (Opinion are welcome)

Happy Birthday! Replies 4

Posted by Chris Arveson on Sep 02, 2008

Happy Birthday, Peace and Blessings to Loki and Squeemish!   

Skeksis replicas Replies 3

Posted by Na on Sep 02, 2008

Just happened across this site that showcases Skeksis:'t really pay much attention to the details, but it looks like they have all sorts of replicas.…

Clay Puppet Short Films Replies 14

Posted by StopMotionMan on Sep 02, 2008

Hey guys, a while back, I posted here on this forum that I had started working on a clay-animated puppet series called "Fox & Calf." Everyone here was so supportive that I thought I…

RE-introduction! Replies 9

Posted by Nikole H. on Sep 02, 2008

Aloha!I have taken the advice from Shawn when he posted about how to get the most out of forums:,994.msg31053.html#newI decided that I like to put a…

Jeff Dunham Replies 8

Posted by Angel on Sep 01, 2008

Did anyone know that Jeff Dunham, the ventriloquist, made his dummies?  Check out "The Making of Melivn The Super Hero".  Jeff is so talented.  I love the part where Melvin…

Help with mouth and head Replies 28

Posted by Angel on Sep 01, 2008

Hi all,I have question. I made a puppet head using the wedge method, it's more round shape the football, but I'm having difficulty with the mouth opening.  When I cut a slit in the head…

A promise. The ppics of my first puppets made by me! Replies 22

Posted by miguel on Sep 01, 2008

Hi, guys! Like I said before: The pictures of my very first time puppet made with out any instruction.I know they are not cute (But I love them because I made them). Just need what you think about…

Subscription site Replies 2

Posted by Na on Sep 01, 2008

I was wondering what people would think of this:After our discussion on people wanting free info on suppliers, etc., I was thinking of changing my 'Learn' page of my website to a…

Rotten Puppets Forum Replies 0

Posted by Julia Sherman on Aug 31, 2008

I was looking for lods of ideas and came accross this puppet forum. Its called Rotten Puppets. hes got some great characters and some wildly funny movies. It seems…

Please check out this puppet. Replies 18

Posted by Onath on Aug 31, 2008

So I just finished a puppet for a church down in Texas.  They sent me a drawing of what they wanted and I sent them the puppet.  It was a rush job 6 days so I was workin like crazy on it. I…

Short tribute to one of my favorite villains. Replies 2

Posted by Steve on Aug 30, 2008

RIP to the actor Julius Carry III. He was fighting cancer for a while and it took it's toll.Growing up I watched 2 types of movies.. Action movies and Comedies. Nothing else.The Last Dragon was…

puppeteer joke Replies 2

Posted by LJ on Aug 29, 2008

When my husband and I were walking the dogs tonight we were talking about the typical joke "How many ______________ does it take to change a light bulb?"  He came up with a great…

Size Matters Replies 1

Posted by amateur on Aug 29, 2008

As best I can determine the ratio of middle finger width to body height (for humans) ranges from about 88 to 1, to 98 to 1.   If I use 3/8"  (~9.5mm) dowels for fingers and use 90…


Posted by DrPuppet on Aug 29, 2008

He is finally done!! Please lend me your thoughts! I am proud of the way he came out. we will be doing some detailed promo shots this weekend so I will post more later.Jay (Drpuppet)

Hands Replies 16

Posted by Wisers Mom on Aug 28, 2008

Hi Everyone.My husband posed a question to me today.Why do puppets only have 3 fingers and a thumb?My guess was that 4 fingers would be to thin to sew and turn right side out.But that was just a…

Hello from outer space. Replies 6

Posted by Steve on Aug 28, 2008

Hey whats up everyone. I used to be a member but must have been purged due to inactivity!!Tried the email widget but it said my email wasn't on file!! But hey my name was available so yippy for…

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