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Na's puppet pattern puppet Replies 8

Posted by gav on Oct 27, 2008

Here is my almost finished puppet made with Na's design. I still need to add a tongue and pick some minor stitching. I narrowed the chin a bit and didn't use the neck.  Other then that I…

Looking for eyes like elmo or wembley Replies 6

Posted by Onath on Oct 27, 2008

Hey guys,So I'm looking for some help. I have gone around to all the usual stores and looked at just about anything and everything round in this full round eyeball look like elmo or wembley…

Christmas ornament puppets Replies 21

Posted by LJ on Oct 26, 2008

Just wanted to share my newest simple puppets.  I will be using them in my Christmas show with children volunteers standing behind a Christmas tree with holes in it for the puppets to pop out of…

More tutorials posting today and this weekend Replies 13

Posted by DrPuppet on Oct 25, 2008

I the building the doctors body is now up on the site. head video will follow and that will complete the Doctor Who puppet. I have decided to…

Muppet like eyes Replies 2

Posted by LT Puppets on Oct 24, 2008

Yes I am just wondering if anyone has any info on where to purchase or how to make Muppet like eyes?? I mean the ones that stick out like a half ball. Any info would be appreciated.   THANK…

What is a slide jaw puppet? Replies 10

Posted by Na on Oct 24, 2008

I'm getting a lot of hits to my website from people who do searches on Google for 'slide jaw puppet'... Just wondering what the heck it is....

Where to find latex, or... Replies 5

Posted by Craig on Oct 23, 2008

I am working on a puppet with skeleton arms.  I have carved the arms out of styrophom, and I did a really good job.  I have thought about just attaching the foam arms to the puppet, but the…

Nature Mother Replies 14

Posted by DAG1951 on Oct 23, 2008

 :waveActivity is the relation of puppets and marionnettes with education, uses for instruction based in nature,environmental,ecology,ethology thems

My latest puppet, Buratino is DONE! Replies 9

Posted by Chris Arveson on Oct 22, 2008

Buratino is finally ready for his public unveiling! He has had to endure a few concept changes, but overall, I think he's ok.I had wanted to give him a little more of a hard-shelled appearance,…

Using recycled materials to make a puppet Replies 12

Posted by Na on Oct 20, 2008

I started off with this:I ended up with this: can read about how I did it, and a sort of step-by-step tutorial,…

Puppet dreadlocks Replies 4

Posted by Toon Asylum on Oct 20, 2008

Hey everyone -I'm looking for some help with this one. I need to build a puppet with dreadlocks. Has anyone used or found a good resource for this??Any suggestions would be appreciated.Thanx -Ran

Puppets' height - a website Replies 7

Posted by tsu on Oct 18, 2008

Hi there,I'd like to ask if any of you knows one of the puppets' pages where the diagram with approximate heights of the puppets was? I remember there was a chart with the puppets'…

Looking for puppet workshop or something for teen over winter break Replies 1

Posted by Phil098342wq on Oct 18, 2008

Have a 14 yr old much into puppets, band and architecture.  Lives in Texas, will ship him anywhere, via fed ex of course, to a class or camp or something.  Anyone know of ANYTHING? …

Icelandic puppeteers - Íslenskir brúðugerðarmenn! Replies 2

Posted by stonemask on Oct 17, 2008

This is a message to other Icelandic puppeteers!Já sælir!Mér skilst á nokkrum hérna að það séu Íslenskir brúðugerðarmenn. Ég væri til í að ná sambandi við fleiri. Þeir einu sem ég hef komist í samband…

Pangolin shoulder puppet (wip) Replies 8

Posted by dragontrap on Oct 17, 2008

Hello to all! I'm actually quite new to puppet building/making and I've been trying my hand at recreating custom shoulder puppets (somewhat similar to how a woodbaby works, but soft, poseable,…

Hi Everyone! Replies 5

Posted by shallottedce on Oct 16, 2008

The category was Introduce Yourself, so I thought I would.Our church just started using puppets on a regular basis (so far, at least!) and I'm hoping a real puppet ministry will evolve out of…

How do ball joints work? Replies 9

Posted by Prenllew on Oct 15, 2008

How do ball joints work,and also the neck joint work? I'm making my first marionette entirely out of wood.where are the essential joints in a puppet and how do I construct them?Thanks

New here and to puppets Replies 5

Posted by mommahall3 on Oct 15, 2008

Hello everyone! My name's Michelle. I've just recently gained an interest in puppet making due to a sock puppet my Pastor had me make for his skit. I'm an artsy-crafty type person and had…

How do I make a wooden puppet? Replies 9

Posted by Prenllew on Oct 15, 2008

Hi, Im a wood carver and I've decided to make my own marionette. I would like to make one fully out of wood. However I cant find any pictures or instructions that can show me how to make the…

Please Welcome Michael Replies 3

Posted by Shawn on Oct 15, 2008

As I am sure you all have read we are now collaborating with Puppet Resources.  I would like you to welcome Michael Hutton to the ranks as a moderator. Michael has long supported Jeff over at the…

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