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Officer Catch U Dawg Replies 6

Posted by puppetbubba on Oct 14, 2008

Finally finished my third puppet.  I am learning so much as I go along.  I made my first set of ears.  Man, the eyes are so hard!  I was able to get one eye focused but the other…

Not puppets, but fun - creating characters in clay Replies 2

Posted by Ron G. on Oct 13, 2008

This YouTube time-lapse video shows the creation of two custom tiki mugs in a little over a minute. They might make fun puppets if they were crafted in foam instead of clay, though I am biased, being…

The 99 Acre Woods Doctor Who episode is finished!! Replies 22

Posted by DrPuppet on Oct 13, 2008

We finally finished the Doctor who episode of 99 acre woods. Its not perfect but hay we could work on it forever with no budget and probably still think there was more to do. I really like the way it…

Black Light fabrics at Hancocks? Replies 3

Posted by emsme on Oct 13, 2008

Does anyone know off hand which fleece Northern Lights fabrics react to black light at Hancock's? I'm starting a new project for my church and accidentally left my black light at home. The…

Dutch puppet introducing with her first puppet! Replies 17

Posted by dutch puppet on Oct 12, 2008

Hi there everyone!I'm Dutch Puppet, a mother of three young girls and as the name already explains I'm from Holland, and just starting with puppet making. I really enjoy making these…

Free shadow puppet pattern - perfect for halloween Replies 3

Posted by Na on Oct 12, 2008

Find the pattern to download and instructions (with pics) here: pattern is for a redback spider, and here's…

Copyrighted puppet pattern, no longer available Replies 3

Posted by lovable puppet pals on Oct 11, 2008

Hello Everyone,I have a question about copyrights.  I found a pattern that I really like to use (with some personal changes), and so far I haven't been able to find it anymore.  I guess…

NYC puppet production Replies 1

Posted by ALS28 on Oct 10, 2008

HUNCHBACK at The New Victory Theatre209 West 42nd Street, New York, NYwww.newvictory.org

Test Video Replies 19

Posted by jomama on Oct 10, 2008

This is the first of several "Commercials" I am making to run at church to recruit people for puppet voices. The background is done in Paint and the puppet is one I made. My son is the…

HOT GLUE temperature for foam Replies 7

Posted by tsu on Oct 09, 2008

Hi there,I would like to ask you for something - when you use a glue gun to glue the foam, what kind of guns do you use? I mean - what temperature of? I did read that purpose of high temperature glues…

Weird Puppets Replies 5

Posted by greenrobotproductions on Oct 07, 2008

Hello, I am Will Haza and I make puppet videos in my basement.  They're radical!  Please check out my puppets …


Posted by giorod76 on Oct 07, 2008

Our company's name is "JUST FOR JESUS PUPPET MINISTRY". We have had this ministry for 15 years and we have traveled within the USA and also to other countries like Dominican Republic,…

Unsuccessful Fur Hunting Replies 13

Posted by Chris Arveson on Oct 07, 2008

HELP! I am trying to build a fox puppet. I have a great pattern ready to go, exactly what I want to make. The problem? I can't find a medium brown, medium length fur. I haven't found one in…

My first video Replies 17

Posted by Jon on Oct 07, 2008

Here's my first attempt at making a puppet video.  Admittedly its a little rough but I posting it because it shows Joshua Junebug in action.   Let me know what you…

My second puppet Replies 23

Posted by puppetbubba on Oct 07, 2008

Here is my second attempt at making a puppet.  I am much happier with this gal then my first one.  I learned so much while creating my first puppet and was able to improve my second…

New Design Replies 8

Posted by jomama on Oct 06, 2008

Finally came up with a design I like for a sheep. Will be working on the build as time permits. This one will be a challenge because of the head shape. I'll try to take photos as I go along and…

Simple question Replies 7

Posted by Sandra on Oct 06, 2008

Hello to you all my dear puppeteer friends,Its been a long time since i posted anything or took the time to read some of your posts. For that i appologise as my life is getting pretty busy with my…

how do you make a pattern Replies 13

Posted by giric thren on Oct 06, 2008

I am wanting to make a puppet for my nephew and I am kinda low on cash and wondering how do you make your own patterns. How do you even go about this? I understand that you first think of what you are…

Kappa Puppet - Need Help Picking a Pattern Replies 24

Posted by Kanamai on Oct 06, 2008

For my first puppet I am thinking I am going to make a Kappa. What would be the best pattern to use?Picture I drew up:

How to make a shoulder puppet similar to Woodbaby? Replies 4

Posted by Jackpackbaby on Oct 05, 2008

My son and I were at the Renaissance Festival today and saw the beautiful and cunning woodbabies. He fell in love hard with a lovely red gryphon and unfortunately I just can't affort the 100.00+…

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