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Alien Marionette Replies 14

Posted by Rcdspoon on Sep 14, 2008

Hey Gang,I have always enjoyed the talent that is marionette puppetry...I think it started back one time while i was at the beach and this guy was walking around with a string t-rex.  It was…

Nyrdl the Turtle Replies 11

Posted by dubya on Sep 14, 2008

Just getting around to posting pics of the glorified sock mod I created at a Hands On workshop at I-Fest '08.  My first experience with hand stitching didn't go too badly (although I did…

Just made this eye rig Replies 8

Posted by DrPuppet on Sep 14, 2008

just finished this eye rig for a client. I filmed the creation of the rig for one of my tutorials. Here is the final product though in…

Re: Splitting topics testing Replies 4

Posted by Shawn on Sep 14, 2008

Welcome hijacker!

Another Puppet by Higher Hands Replies 13

Posted by jomama on Sep 13, 2008

Just finished this guy. I love making puppets!!!

New 99 Acre Woods Short "Waking Mandi" Replies 9

Posted by DrPuppet on Sep 13, 2008

Hay guys our newest one is online now would love to here what you think!

My new creation! Replies 8

Posted by miguel on Sep 13, 2008

This my new creation (I got a lot of help from Mr. Fuller on this one, really a lot to help)Hopefully I'm doing a little bit better!Miguel!This is "Abuelita" In English…

Need help with puppet making tutorial site. Replies 17

Posted by DrPuppet on Sep 13, 2008

Ok the site is nearly ready but i need to test something can anyone help me test the link and make sure its working? You have to have a paypal account with aleast 11 cents available. I can send it…

aggyb introduction Replies 2

Posted by aggyb on Sep 12, 2008

Hello My name Is aggyb,I wanted to Introduce Myself. I am on the props and puppet team in our church I thornton,Colorado. I have been there for a year so far. I learned how to make a half body puppet.…

new picture Replies 20

Posted by LJ on Sep 11, 2008

I was going to wait to say anything until the picture was done, but I couldn't wait.  I had a professional photo with all my puppets today. (including the two new ones I got this summer) You…

Two new patterns Replies 3

Posted by Na on Sep 11, 2008

Well, I've finally gotten a finger puppet pattern online - and decided to offer a simpler version of it as well. First is a mushroom finger puppet, and the second is the 'simple'…

Mucky Puppets Films! Replies 4

Posted by Mucky Puppets on Sep 11, 2008

Hi to my fellow puppet makersMy name's Richard and I make puppet films in the UK under the name Mucky PuppetsCheckout my films on YouTube under username 'bonbichie' or go to my blog…

Help needed - iris (or 'flat eyes') :( Replies 4

Posted by tsu on Sep 11, 2008

Hi there,I'm coming out with an uncommon request to anybody from here. I'm looking for the irises and couldn't find anything appropriate so far until I've found the Braylu shop located…

Does Roly Project Puppet have flip top? Replies 2

Posted by puppetbubba on Sep 10, 2008

I have read a lot about flip top and some companies puppets having severe flip-top.  I have also read about having neck pull, each time you move the mouth the neck pulls and looks…

New Puppet Replies 17

Posted by Chris Arveson on Sep 10, 2008

I'm just getting started on the main character for my show, a Pinocchio-type character named Buratino. I have a couple story books with the story. Here is one illustration from one of the books.I…

New puppet by Nice Braga Replies 8

Posted by PuppetsBrazil on Sep 10, 2008

  This is my new puppet of project of the Cidade Feliz, Coronel Baltazar and The Henchmen (Cairos and Cronos)Coronel Baltazar is done in foam, painted yellow paint for fabric and dark yellow. The…

First post Replies 18

Posted by Jorge on Sep 10, 2008

Well, this is just to say hello. I have been reading the forum as guest for a month more or less, and it was time to register!I make puppets just for fun, I do not perform with them or sell,…

Bashful Puppet Name and Logo Replies 41

Posted by Jon on Sep 10, 2008

I am looking for you opinions.  Now that I am actually starting to build puppets to sell and am looking to sell a pattern or two and some puppets scripts and such, I was wondering what people…

Differences between fleece? Replies 3

Posted by puppetbubba on Sep 09, 2008

Hi, newbie here.  I have read different posts mentioning fabric to use for your puppet.  I have seen antron fleece, polar fleece and antipill fleece, two way stretch and four way stretch…

My new head pattern puppet done by me! Replies 13

Posted by miguel on Sep 09, 2008

Hi, guys!This is my new puppet. Was made with the pattern that Pastor Jon has in his blog (Thanks Pastor Jon).Tell me suggestions and comments. Of course any help is really welcome.ThanksMiguel!

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