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Help picking pattern Replies 19

Posted by puppetbubba on Sep 09, 2008

Hi.  I am new here.  Found you guys while searching on the web.  I have found so much information here.  Thanks.  I have spent a couple of days reading all kinds of posts and…

Test Pattern Replies 9

Posted by jomama on Sep 08, 2008

This is a puppet I made this weekend from a test pattern I'm developing. What do you think? At this point the hand is separate from the body and can be used either right or left handed. I'm…

Teaching kids Puppetry...HELP!!! Replies 4

Posted by Franklin on Sep 08, 2008

I recently took over at the puppet director for the local church that my wife and I attend. I am used ot working with kids as young as 12 on up to adults as old as 60. Unfortunately, the previous…

ToonAsylum new character started... Replies 14

Posted by Toon Asylum on Sep 07, 2008

Hey everyone...It's been awhile since I posted a new project. I was busy working on a custom puppet for a client. I'm not going into much detail with that right now(they may want to officially…

New 99 Acre Woods Short "What if the guys fouhnd out? Replies 11

Posted by DrPuppet on Sep 07, 2008

Thi is our newest short please tell me what you think. This one has an adult theme so please only watch it if that does not offend…

Cactus Puppets + Possible Tutorial? Replies 8

Posted by Gabriel G on Sep 07, 2008

Hey all,I was wondering, have any of you ever made a cactus puppet? I remember seeing pictures of one here on the forum made by Amy [DearMyrah] and found a link on her site but its broken and she…

New Puppetlady Logo Replies 16

Posted by puppetlady on Sep 07, 2008

I'm starting to label my puppets and my marketing letters with my new logo.  Here it is:Puppets get fabric labels made with iron-on transfer paper printed on the printer backwards so that…

Halloween Costumes Replies 6

Posted by Nikole H. on Sep 07, 2008

Halloween is quickly coming upon us and I was wondering if anyone is creating costumes this year.  I am sad that we will probably be moving during this time.  Halloween has always been a…

My latest puppet Replies 17

Posted by gav on Sep 07, 2008 picks of her if you hit next.PurpZ

The newest 14 oz. Antron Replies 10

Posted by puppetlady on Sep 07, 2008

I called Georgia Stage to order more fleece and Brandy told me that they had a complaint about the new 14 oz.  The complaint was that the fleece did not dye well and balled up after being…

La Machine introduces new creation Replies 11

Posted by Billy D. Fuller on Sep 07, 2008

Yes the fantastic company of " La Machine " creators of the Sultans Elephant and the Large Marionette Girl now releases there latest…

Big Hello to everyone by me a digital RealTime-Animator Replies 7

Posted by roger107 on Sep 06, 2008

Hello to everyoneMy Name is Roland Dell'mour and I am a 3D-Animator / Puppetteer / Artist from Vienna, Austria.I have uploaded some of my work to youtube and was asked thereafter by Billy D.…

Good time to buy cheap wigs Replies 1

Posted by puppetlady on Sep 06, 2008

Just a thought I'd share.  Thrift stores in my area are starting to put out their Halloween stuff.  Here's your chance to pick up a few cheap wigs.  I've picked up quite a…

halloween scripts Replies 3

Posted by kacilyn on Sep 05, 2008

I am trying to find some scripts for a halloween show that our church puppet team is doing. I would like it to be funny but right now I will take anything. I have looked all over the internet and have…

Do you know these marionette heads? Replies 7

Posted by Shawn on Sep 05, 2008

I got an email from someone asking if I recognized or had any information on these two marionette heads. I can't quite place their origin. Anyone have any ideas?You can see the full size version…

New Puppet Replies 12

Posted by Helen on Sep 05, 2008

Just finished this puppet.  Used a length of feather braid for the hair.  Like the look of it but the braid cost a lot and took a while to stitch on to the head. Anyone else used this?For a…

Harry Potter at The Fair Replies 9

Posted by Julia Sherman on Sep 05, 2008

 This area is lame! I brought in Harry potter as a puppet that I made in 3 hours! and teh woman in charge of teh booth dnto only didnt kjnow who he was but thought he was from PBS a…

Antron + fur scraps Replies 1

Posted by DansPuppets on Sep 05, 2008

Hello,Ive just been sorting out my workshop, and have quite a big bag full of mainly antron fleece bits, but also some furs for sale.These are not little finecky bits, but mostly quite big chunks of…

What kind of foam. Replies 6

Posted by LD Ablo on Sep 05, 2008

As you may or may not have seen in the Intro thread I wish to build a puppet of LD Ablo. (El Diablo!!)I was thinking that a solid block of foam cut to shape would be better to build my character as I…

Puppet From Helen's Pattern Replies 9

Posted by jomama on Sep 04, 2008

Here is the puppet I made from Helen's pattern. Finally had time to go over the pattern. I made the puppet according to her pattern except for the nose.

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