Re: Is there a Buyer/Seller area? Posted by Billy D. Fuller on Dec 28, 2006
On the old forum... before Shawn moved us here on the new and improved Puppets and Stuff. I believe we had area for folks to sell or list items of such.
We don't have one here but folks ae welcomed to list things for sale or links to ebay of items that may listed.
I just started a swap thread where folks can sell, shop, swap trade, what ever.
Perhaps Shawn can add a category just items that members have to sell.

Billy D.
You are not a newbie anymore you posted more than once..
Per Your Request Posted by Shawn on Dec 28, 2006
I decided it was time to create an area for this and now that we have a new area I have moved the orginal post that started it all (along with one I merged) here and locked it. Please feel free to start a new thread in this area if you had posted to this one and still have something to share!  Since I did merge two threads it may not make sense why Sonny Vegas asked about this... That and Billies reply was what I merged to the orginal thread started by Billy... so are you really confused now? 
Re: Share or Swap Posted by Billy D. Fuller on Jan 07, 2007
Posted by: grammie on Dec 24, 2006
I have 200" of black gloss self adhesive sheet vinyl 4" wide. It's wonderful for pupils and adheres to spoons and ping pong balls great. It's more than you will ever use!

Grammie I would like to buy some of your black vinyl how much a foot?
Billy D.

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