Re: WANLU, Philippines Posted by Out of the Box Puppets on Sep 23, 2007
It's very nice to have you with us here.  I have been able to minister in the Cebu twice now.  I absolutly love the Philippines.  I have fallen in love with the people.  God is doing great things there.  It sounds like you have a very busy schedule and a great time!!!  Glad your here!

Re: WANLU, Philippines Posted by Wanlu on Sep 23, 2007
Thanks for the warm welcome Julie

and thanks for the concern for the people in Cebu

May God bless you always...

Thanks again,


Re: WANLU, Philippines Posted by LJ on Sep 24, 2007
I just watched some of your video clips - WOW all those puppet characters in only a year!!  I bow at your talent!  I am having trouble adding my second talking character - I seem to find it a challenge to switch voices between the characters.  Any hints?  Thanks for sharing your great pictures and video!!
Re: WANLU, Philippines Posted by Wanlu on Sep 24, 2007
Hi LJ,

Im not an expert in fact I had to let go some of my figures simply because I ran out of voices for them

Some experts say that a vent can use the same voice for a 2nd figure but with a different manner of speaking. I think they mean to use the same voice but with a different diction or maybe speed in talking

Thanks for your very kind words

Re: WANLU, Philippines Posted by nygirl13662 on Sep 24, 2007
Welcome Wanlu, Wow awsome puppets i love them all... I seen in a earlier post where you said you are selling a few things what is it your selling and where can we see them? Once again Welcome and I hope you enjoy the site. Krista
Re: WANLU, Philippines Posted by Wanlu on Sep 24, 2007
Thanks Krista

I posted some stuff for sale under Bazil's Bazaar...please check it out at,62.0.html
Re: WANLU, Philippines Posted by MeanDean on Sep 27, 2007
You do understand this site is about people who MAKE soft figure puppets? I know you like to sell puppets this site is not about that. This site is about building puppets. You could learn a great deal here but I don't think they will want you posting figures for sale, that is what eBay is for. Please keep the mission in mind and enjoy the learning experience.

Re: WANLU, Philippines Posted by Sonny on Sep 27, 2007
Actually this place is for anyone who loves puppets. We can learn from all aspects of puppeteering. We do have a section here exclusiveliy for puppet related sales.

Puppets and Stuff is a member generated site filled with the knowledge and some great Historic info on puppets and peoples experience with puppets.

As long as your not advertising to sell your 74 Ford Pinto w/ 8 track player. It's cool.

Plus we like to see other peoples collections.

Peace on Earth?
Re: WANLU, Philippines Posted by Billy D. Fuller on Sep 27, 2007
We try to offer something to all members, that was what we had in mind when we started the " Bazils Bazaar". It was designed just for that reason so our members could swap or sell puppet related items. We Welcome everyone. Although it may seem that some are just here to sell something, that is not always true. I love to see the different pictures of different styles of puppets. It is great to have people from other parts of the world share what they do in puppetry.
We also have people from all different types of the entertainment business that do not build puppets at all. I think the mixture of talents contributes a lot to my personal puppet building techniques. I love the inspiration that others bring to the forum.

Billy D.
Re: WANLU, Philippines Posted by Wanlu on Sep 27, 2007

I saw "Bazil's Bazaar" and thought it was alright to post items for sale or trade...otherwise, they wont call it a bazaar

With all due respect MeanJohnDean, but it seems that you're the only one complaining...

In any case, I apologize if what I did was not appropriate.



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