Re: Evil Puppet Posted by Henry on Oct 26, 2007
Cool this is going to be so Cool. I just can't wait. I have my PC all set up and ready to go thanks Shawn for the information link. I also love the way it opens in the same colours as the web site. Please everyone get on board and join in the Halloween Ventrillo meeting at 8:00pm US Central Time this Wednesday. 

Re: Evil Puppet Posted by Sonny on Oct 27, 2007
Henry Henry Henry...

Thats our chat room...Ventrilo is our speaking online tool we use to hear each others voices. Do you have a mic? You will need that to speak in (they are cheap) and then you will need to download the Ventrilo software also. It's a great tool for communications and it's free to use.

It's the area on the front page that has the "ip" number. You just download it and fill in the blanks...

For those of you who are wanting to participate in this, I suggest you try to set that up now, so your not panicking last minute to hear Henry's scary story.

Any questions you can email me with your phone number and I will call you and walk you thru it.

I hope this helps.

Dr Sonnystein...muahahaha!

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Re: Evil Puppet Posted by Henry on Oct 27, 2007
OK sorry it's the Alzheimer's. Are this is what it looks like folks. Ventrilo Chat not Alzheimer's. LOL
Re: Evil Puppet Posted by Shawn on Oct 28, 2007
Yep that is the right place!  Hopefully someone well be on the site when you are that uses Ventrilo and you well be able to test it out before the big date.  I might suggest that under Setup you go in and set things up to use a "Key" for activating your mic.  I set mime to the F12 button.  By doing this folks only hear you when you press the key.  If you don't do this they well hear anything you say including when you scream at the cat to get of the table.  Or if you happen to step away from the computer and have a wireless headset when you have to visit the little boys room.  Don't laugh folks, I did this once when miced for a show. Lucky it was just during a rehearsal.
Re: Evil Puppet Posted by Henry on Oct 30, 2007
Yes Folks Halloween is finally here, well at least in the land of OZ! 

As promised here is the full story as it appears in the book: "Haunted Mysterious Australia" and here is the link to the last in my Trilogy of Terror series.

Regards Henry.

Australia's creepiest haunted object is a supposedly possessed marionette. The evil-looking puppet is currently owned by a reclusive Mr W, who lives in south -east Queensland. Mr W found the doll nearly 35 years ago under a derelict and haunted house in Wagga Wagga in southern NSW.

"When Mr W first touched the doll, the cloths it had on turned to dust-so it must have been old." says renowned psychic June Cleeland, who explains that some museum experts have placed the doll's age at around 250 years.

"Gypsies of the 1800s believed strongly in spirt transference and making dolls through which a human soul could make worldly sanctuary after death," says June speculating about the dark doll's origins.

Apparently Mr W calls the doll Ledda because he sometimes hears it yell out "Ledda me out!" But it's not only the doll's occasional vociferous outbursts that worries its owner, it's also its behaviour and the effect it has on both people and animals.

Mr W once tried to sell the doll, but when he arrived at the potential buyer's home, he couldn't get out of the car. "No matter what I did, I was firmly glued to the seat," he told Ms Cleeland.

Around 20 years ago, Mr W and Ledda made an appearance on national television. The doll was seated in Mr W's lap. At one point the doll inexplicably turned it's head toward the camera.

You could hear the wood creaking as it turned around prompting one frightened cameraman to flee his post and dash out the back of the studio.

"People have been known to scream uncontrollably when the doll is even in another room," explains Mr W, adding that just about anyone that sees the doll leaves convinced that it is possessed with some evil or dark spirit. Even when Mr W's dogs see it, they howl uncontrollably.

"Mr W lives in fear of his wooden marionette, but several mediums have told him he must never try and get rid of it or he will be beset with bad luck," says Ms Cleeland.

Cursed doll or just trickery of the mind? Who knows, but as June says, "Its malevolent grinning face, human hair, and glass eyes with prominent blood veins, are something you won't forget in a hurry." 
Re: Evil Puppet Posted by the entangled stare on Oct 31, 2007
Love the story ! Thank you Henry ! I 'm quite into the macabre and terrifying myself !
Re: Evil Puppet Posted by Henry on Jul 20, 2008
Hi puppet friends. Last year I introduced you all to the Evil Leda Me Out puppet from Australia. For any of you that don’t recall the story simply read the start of this post.

As for the rest of you here is a Creepy update.

On Tuesday I received an email through my Henry Ringmaster web site titled

It was an email from the reclusive owner of Leda, I was both scared and delighted to be in contact with the legendary puppet that has totally grabbed my attention.

The owner KW advised that Leda is currently appearing at the "Jumpers & Jazz Festival" in Warwick Queensland and if I would like to talk more about him please don’t hesitate to contact him.

I returned an email stating that I could not believe a little story I posted on the net has made it’s way to the owner and what a small world it really is.

KW provided the following update on Leda and I’ve forwarded it on to share with you.

“Good to hear from you.  He moved his head at a shopping centre in
Brisbane some years ago now not on TV.  He has appeared on many tv shows
since the 1970s including The Mike Walsh Show, Brisbane Extra, The
Extraodinary, Midday with Kerri Ann Kenally, State affair and many local
programmes. He has also appeared in so many papers and national magazines I
cant rememeber.

All dogs hate him and attack on sight and cats are indifferent. Some people
hate him, others are scared of him while others will touch him for luck.
There has been many strange things that have happened over the years, and if
you like to forward me your address I will send you down some copies of his
articles plus a photo or two.

Please feel free to let your friends know and use whatever you like on your
website I come down to Victoria around twice a year so I will bring him and all the
footage I have on him from the 70s until the present.
Hope this has helped you out and please don’t hesitate to write again or if
you want my phone number let me know.

Cheers KW”

So to sum it all up we have swapped emails all week and KW is going to contact me after the Jazz Festival to discuss some of the ideas he has planned for Leda. I will keep you all posted if, like me, you are intrigued by this Mystical Puppet. Incedently you can find out more about the Warwick Jumpers and Jazz festival here
So if you live in the area feel free to pop in and hay hello to Leda IF YOU DARE!

Wo, Ha, Ha, Ha

Regards Henry.
Re: Evil Puppet Posted by funnygirl on Jul 22, 2008
gosh...that puppet is so scary...
Re: Evil Puppet Posted by StiqPuppet Productions on Jul 23, 2008
Hey Henry,

Thanks for all the updates on this puppet.    It is getting more and more interesting.

Daryl H
Re: Evil Puppet Posted by Henry on Oct 17, 2008
It's Finlay finished the Evil Puppet web page just in time for Halloween 2008 and this is my special treat for all my fellow puppet pals. As mention previously in this post I have been in contact with the Evil puppets owner and he has given me magazine articles, pictures and TV recordings so I can make up a web page for him. It was a delight to do for him as Kerry is such a top man. Please come over and see him in action on the Letta-Me-Out web page.

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