Re: FS: Old Man Posted by luv2beeamommy on May 29, 2008
I love the old men too cute !
Re: FS: Old Man Posted by LJ on May 29, 2008
Is your website for all the soft figures for sale up and running yet?  I am interested in seeing all you have to offer!!  Thanks for the great picture.
Re: FS: Old Man Posted by Sonny on May 29, 2008
Very nice puppet and a super price. I'd like to airbrush one of those old men puppets.
Re: FS: Old Man Posted by SHould on May 29, 2008
OMG, he looks just like "Walter", the ventroliquist puppet that Jeff Dunham use's. But i admit that your's is more adorable and seems much less grumpy than his.

Great job Wanlu! I absolutely love him!!!
Puppet hug,
Re: FS: Old Man Posted by Wanlu on May 30, 2008
Hey Gang...thanks for your kind words

Lj, the site is almost ready with one final detail missing, the PHOTOS
We have a photo shoot next week. You're testimony is in the site and we will provide a link to your site or maybe just put your email address whichever you want. Other testimonies include links of pro vents using our puppets

Sonny, we want to learn how to airbrush a puppet We asked a fellow puppet maker here in Manila if he can teach us but he turned us down
Can you teach us what kind of paint to use please so we can experiment. We need it for the lips and face details.

Thanks SHould and luv2beeamommm


Re: FS: Old Man Posted by Sonny on May 30, 2008
Maybe an airbrush tutorial is in store...hmmm?
I must say though that airbrushing on foam/latex and airbrushing on fleece material are 2 different type of monsters.
I prefer airbrushing directly on foam/latex and then using a sealer. Latex puppets need a rubbery consistency in the paint in order to adhere to the latex.   I have found a good combination of paints and sealers that I have been using successfully.

I'd be glad to help. Giving depth to a puppet creates realism. Shadows and colors can make that average puppet into more of an eye candy attracter.
Re: FS: Old Man Posted by Wanlu on May 30, 2008
Thanks Sonny

Any ideas on what to kind of paint for fleece material? Will fabric paint work?

Re: FS: Old Man Posted by SHould on May 30, 2008
Hi Sonny,

A airbrush tutorial would be a definit plus in our information bank. One that i would surely use in the future, as would many of us.

Puppet hug,

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