Re: I need some help with eyes... Posted by Rcdspoon on Feb 22, 2008
Posted by: Onath on Feb 22, 2008
If you make a space for the marble to fit in like a space in the foam it should be fine. But, I'm pretty sure epoxy works too.

True and it's a good idea...however I do not use foam...mainly fabric for my puppets...

Posted by: PuppetsAndPals on Feb 22, 2008
Perhaps that E6000 glue will adhere it.  It is found in the craft stores and Walmart (craft section).  I believe it says that it will glue glass.  If not, the glue section will SURELY have what you need at the craft store.  I am always amazed at how many different glues are out on the market.

Hope this helps!

I really like the marble different and interesting!!!

Thanks, I'll try to go this weekend if I can....



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