Re: Online free books on Puppetry Posted by StiqPuppet Productions on Jun 24, 2010
Posted by: bompartxtreme1 on Jun 21, 2010
D can you tell me how to construct an egg shaped foam nose. i was watching the tuck method that you demonstrated on your blog but the resolution from my pc was really bad.

The only one I could think off is maybe the nose video....I didn't do any other tuck method as far as I am aware off....sorry give me more details or put a link in here of what you were looking at and I would be glad to help you out....or anyone else could as well.

Daryl H
Re: Online free books on Puppetry Posted by Shawn on Jun 25, 2010
Are you talking about this method of making a nose?
With the above method you would simply cut the fabric in an oval or egg shape instead of round.

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