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Here’s what I found for proscenium from wikipedia-
“A Proscenium theatre is a theatre space whose primary feature is a large frame orarch (called the proscenium arch even though it is frequently not a rounded archway at all), which is located at or near the front of the stage. The use of the term "proscenium arch" is explained by the fact that in Latin, the stage is known as the "proscenium", meaning "in front of the scenery."


We do a lot in front of the curtains also.  Mainly the curtains are the place to go to get the next prop, but we do use them to have different levels of things going on.
Your diagram and explanation helped very much!  Thank you!

Thank You ! I don't know how I missed this. That explains things.

Billy D.
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Check One Way Street for DVD's about Blacklight Puppetry. Lots of great ideas. I bought all three, but  "How to start a Blacklight Ministry" was redundant if you have the other 2.

Or if you go to
she has them on sale. 
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The DVD, "How To Start A Blacklight Ministry" (available from Out of The Box Puppets), covers the basics, including lighting, lighting placement, costuming, staging, and puppet creation. The DVD's "Neato Blacklight Ideas Vol. 1-3" simply show at least 50 ideas (per volume) of puppets or props that you could make to spiff up your show. Neato DVDs DO NOT discuss lighting, costuming, staging, etc. only ideas for props.

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