Re: The Puppet's Court Posted by Rikka on Feb 17, 2011
Looove him! Cool puppet, great voice, funny sketch. Absolutely awesome!

 I'd love to see a Reggie who's a bit "rough around the edges". I like "edgy" Characters and Antiheros.
Today it is a bit of a fashion to seperate shows for kids and grown ups (and what do you get? The teletubbies!). I remember as a kid I liked straightforward stories:  The Good Hero punishing the Bad Guy. Then came the time of ROMANCE. Since I grew up I like diversity in Characters, I don't dislike mistakes in my heros that much any more. But it is quite possible to fit a lot of this into one show. That's why the muppets were are and will always be one of the greatest gifts to the entertaining world. Today I like the show for different reasons than I used to when I was 7- but I still like it. I think this is do to some edges in many characters.
Re: The Puppet's Court Posted by FraggleFan on Mar 07, 2011
Love it!

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