Re: Could some of you puppeteers tell me how you started as a puppeteers? Posted by Allan McConnell on Aug 16, 2014
Thank you for sharing your stories about how you "started as a puppeteer" it is very fascinating and kinda sounds like Pinocchio in reverse...I am a real puppeteer now! Thank you all for taking that journey as no doubt you have brought many happiness to many people over the time.

For me I am at the very first stepping stone and am very inspired to become active and bring this to Norfolk Island.
Re: Could some of you puppeteers tell me how you started as a puppeteers? Posted by mrbumblepants on Dec 11, 2014
Posted by: FleeceNFluff on Sep 03, 2013
Wow! I would love for someone from Henson to critique my stuff. Sometimes I feel like the people that are offering critiques are going easy in order to be nice.

Same here. It's a gift when people can offer critique - because there's nothing better than struggling without knowing what I'm doing, and then having someone come by magically with the answer I've been lacking.

I've been making puppets with my husband for a bit, but I didn't really take up doing puppetry until we made a mistake with one of our puppets and turned it creepy. We talked about throwing it out, but I felt compelled to keep it. So I gave it big ears and named it Cadaver Dave. While working on his character, I found that I could use him to talk about being nice and peaceful, while also throwing in a little weirdness (like how his friends are inanimate objects and dead things, and how Halloween is the most important thing ever.).

I do other artistic stuff, but I'm finding puppetry is really the first art I've picked up where it helps me express things I otherwise can't.

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