Re: Paper Mache Rocks Posted by Shawn on Oct 04, 2012
So is there anything you can not manufacture?   I'm so glad you joined our little family here.
Re: Paper Mache Rocks Posted by Angel in Tx on Oct 04, 2012
I agree with you Shawn, I'm wondering where he has been all this time!!! Keep it up Philip. Love your ideas!!!

Re: Paper Mache Rocks Posted by Gail on Oct 05, 2012
Cool, I agree, so glad you are a contributor.
Re: Paper Mache Rocks Posted by melaine9 on Oct 06, 2012
you are an inspiration.!!!
Re: Paper Mache Rocks Posted by pagestep007 on Oct 06, 2012
Thank you guys, very kind comments. I am glad I found this group. You are a great bunch. Shawn....I am sure there are lots of things that will beat me. Electronics are one thing that I can only occasionally  repair.
   Angel, I have been around for a while , but just not been noticed. I grew up in New Zealand, a LONG way away from TV puppetry. The only program I knew of in NZ with puppets, I contacted, but I was in the wrong city. We came to South America...another handicap. And now we are only just starting to get  some interest. Compared to Jim Henson, we have done more hours of TV that he at the same stage in our careers, but he was a thousand times more lucrative, having done loads of advertising, which kept him in bread and butter. We have never been paid. Jim was in the right place at the right time.  I am hoping things here will start to  become the right place and time soon.
Re: Paper Mache Rocks Posted by pagestep007 on Sep 21, 2017
Hi Guys. I just did a  vid on rocks and  noticed I did not share the previous one here. So, if anyone is wanting to make some  rocks for your set... here are two more  for this thread :

texturing your rocks more:

and a few tips in strengthening your rock panels.


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