Re: Stage plans Posted by Terrence Burke on Aug 14, 2012
Thanks for asking TeddyBear, I have performed my show in many places.  Schools, libraries, farmers markets, art fairs, art museums, and recently the Ronald McDonald House in Cincinnati.  Here's a list if you are interested:

Best o' luck with your stage & puppet show!
Re: Stage plans Posted by MsPuppet on Aug 14, 2012
I think Billy has the info on all the stages we have discussed in the past.
We designed our own, and it goes together in a few minutes.

There are several places that carry PVC for patio furniture, etc.  They carry some pieces that are are not carried by Home Depot and Lowes (corners and uprights all on one fitting, etc.).  I have the info if you need it (I do not have it near this computer at the moment).
Re: Stage plans Posted by Gail on Aug 14, 2012
We glued the horizontals and left the verticals unglued since gravity will hold the vertical PVC together.
Re: Stage plans Posted by Shawn on Aug 15, 2012
MsPuppet is this what you are talking about? Love the fact that they have a 3way connector. Don't you normally find that in plumbing supply stores.
Re: Stage plans Posted by MsPuppet on Aug 15, 2012
Yes I was referring to the 4 and 5 way connectors. I have not been able to find them at plumbing supplies.

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