My You Tube Channel :) Posted by andyz on Feb 12, 2013
Hola!, I finally got the courage to put this post up! . I am Andy and I am from Argentina.
I always loved puppets and all things related to their universe. Around 3 years ago I came up with the idea of making a web show just to give others the time to have a laugh and feel a bit good when they were down.    I named it "El mundo de Andy" (Andy´s World). The concept of the show was like if you had a remote control and changed between channels of your TV just to see that all of them (sports, music, news, home and stuff, etc) are filled with puppets  \
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This is the Show Intro

I became very attached to it during the years and decided to give it a try and act with them in the videos. It is some really hard work due to the fact that all the puppets are made by me and since I am alone in this I have to manipulate them one by one with a Chroma key /green Screen/, remember what I just did and pretend to react with the next puppet so when I edited in my PC looks like they are interacting.

Hard work, yes... but Then I have to do all the backgorunds, (Draw them with a digital tablet, do some 3d Modelling, 2D animations, music, voices, etc etc etc)
Then Finally I got the finished video.

Well, thats about it with the explanations LOL
I use to do some Music Videos of famous or popular songs and try to give them a different look with my puppets (with humour and sometimes a script)

This is A song Tribute for the AC/DC "Jailbreak" Song

This is another music video featuring JET "Are you gonna be my girl?"

Another One with The Popular song "What makes you Beautiful" from 1Direction. (Be nice I act in this one)

And A Just a Silly one with me an dmy friends dancing to "Call me Maybe" From carly rae Jepsen

Well, There are a lot of other videos in my channel. Most of them are in Spanish but I am working in the english subtitles and will be available soon... I am learning about them at the moment.

This is my Youtube channel link. My dream is to reach other people and let them know about this show, suscribe to my channel and hopefully get the chance to have a like and support in my work so I can keep on doing what i love.

Well, that´s about it for now! Hope I didn´t bore you guys to death. And let me know what you think... Oh! I almost Forgot It, I am working on a Full Web Horror Zombie Survival "Walking dead" Style series (very long title haha) With Puppets Zombies.
heres the Trailer (Will be Available in English Subtitles) With black humour and a lot of spin offs

Take Care!
Re: My You Tube Channel :) Posted by The Director on Feb 12, 2013
I just glanced at a couple of them.  Very good.  I love the carrot and the potato pealer killer.  Very creative.  I'll watch them all later and have Patsy subscribe to your channel.  Of course I don't understand the language.
Re: My You Tube Channel :) Posted by Billy D. Fuller on Feb 12, 2013
Great job!
Re: My You Tube Channel :) Posted by Shawn on Feb 13, 2013
Your doing a fantastic job! Your graphic work is great and the puppets have some nice movement.  Great editing on the videos I watched.  If you can do this all by yourself then I could just imagine what you could do if you hooked up with some other puppeteers.
Re: My You Tube Channel :) Posted by BoozeBandPuppets on Feb 13, 2013
Hi Andy, this stuff is excellent! You should be really proud of it - and how you managed to do it all on your own is something else!! I shall be keeping an eye out for the Epidemia videos Great stuff!
Re: My You Tube Channel :) Posted by Gary Sorrell on Feb 14, 2013
Brilliant work Andy. Always enjoy watching a one man show.
Re: My You Tube Channel :) Posted by artextrema on Feb 14, 2013
Great work!
Re: My You Tube Channel :) Posted by Gail on Feb 14, 2013
Really good, all of it, even your acting, thanks for sharing your talent with us.
Re: My You Tube Channel :) Posted by lokiy2j on Feb 15, 2013
wow awesome work! I wish I was half as talented! I'll go over and subscribe for you, if you fancy checking out my work see my channel here:

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