New Lynx Puppet Posted by Shunaka on Feb 14, 2013
Here is my latest puppet.  This guy is a new build of my Looney Lynx character but full body 'bunraku' style. I've had him out in public doing some street theater and had so much fun I'm planning on building several more. I'll have some video soon (after PC rebuilds to handle HD video editing).

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Re: New Lynx Puppet Posted by Shawn on Feb 15, 2013
He is great! The shaping and padding on the body is really nice. Especially in the shot where he is on his knees it looks like a person inside a suite.
Re: New Lynx Puppet Posted by artextrema on Feb 16, 2013
Thanks for sharing  Shunaka!  I,m really curious about The Video


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