Re: Regrets Posted by Na on Feb 17, 2014
No, that totally makes sense to me. You spent a lot of time with it and got wonderful memories from playing it, so even though you hadn't used the guitar just having it around harkens back to the 'good old days'.

I swear most of what we keep of a personal nature is a bit like a Linus blanket.
Re: Regrets Posted by Gail on Feb 21, 2014
Hey that blanket help Linus be cool with a sister like Lucy, that was some blanket.
Re: Regrets Posted by Na on Feb 21, 2014
Hey, whatever gets you through the day. I'm more of a chocoholic than a blanket-carrier
Re: Regrets Posted by The Director on Feb 21, 2014
Wow, Patsy Hoolahan was in a box in the garage and then in a closet for at least 20 years but I think deep down I knew she would make a come back.  There were times when I thought of killing her off.  How horrible. 
Re: Regrets Posted by Na on Feb 24, 2014
It is quite. I just gave away a small box of beautiful hand-crafted set design pieces, and though I know they're wanted and will get used, it's hard to let them go. I guess for me right now, the benefit of having this old stuff isn't there. I won't use them, there's no space for it, and I think getting rid of the physical clutter is helping reduce the mental clutter

I don't think I could keep puppets I knew will never get used for 20 years. If I had free storage space I might.

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